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The Attack On Pearl Harbour

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Pearl Harbor On December 7, 1941 Many U.S solders we're attacked by surprised with the sound of bombings and gunfire. This attack was one of the important because it had a hand leading in towards World War II. This event had caused America's involvement in the war and in addition the first of the dropping of an Atom Bomb at Hiroshima. Italy and Germany had decided to become allies during 1939. They called themselves the Axis Powers. Japan united to the Axis Powers in 1940. The emperor of Japan at that present time was Emperor Hirohito. After he joined with the Axis Powers he began the process of taking over places around Japan that belonged to countries who didn't like them and weren't allies to them, the Axis Powers. ...read more.


A little after World War II Japan was determined to get revenge with the U.S.A. because they were helping China by sending them supplies for war. Japan was trying to capture China and concentrated all their attacks on China. For this Japan decided to take a "peace" trip to the U.S.A. During it they made three proposals to the government had to agree on, or Japan would attack the U.S.A. The government ignored it and didn't carry out these proposals. t. These proposals were: 1-stop aiding China immediately so that Japan can take over, 2- Stay out of Asian affairs because it is none of their business to interfere with the wars that go on in the East. ...read more.


The amount of bombers used was 350 main planes for Japan. These planes were carried by carriers. They chose bombers so that they could destroy every ship. There were two waves of planes. The first waves of planes were to destroy as many ships as possible. The second waves of planes were to demolish whatever was left after the first wave had done their job. The importance of the bombing of Pearl Harbor was that it made United States in involving itself in the World War II. The second major result was the dropping of the very first Atom Bomb at Hiroshima in Japan. Without this war many people thought what would have happened if this war didn't take place in the past. Many people who were killed by the atom bomb might still have been alive today. ...read more.

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