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The bad side of life in London in the 1800s.

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Life in London. London in the 1800Was a busy and a noisy place. The roads were Sandy and muddy. People used to Get splashed with mud into their Clothes, it made a rotten smell. ...read more.


Those day's there were no Dustbins. Instead people used to throw their rubbish on the streets and make a big pile. Worst of all Chambers pots are being emptied from windows high above {and still nowadays there still rubbish on the floor, and you can't sleep a lot at London because of the noisy cars}. ...read more.


All around The people who lived in the Village were nosily taking Down shutters from their Windows and setting up Shop's stalls. Most villages Are narrow and winding. Those days there were no Toilets, people used to pee On to buckets. City people Caused more diseases than Villagers. Rat's where every- Where {that's why you shouldn't Go to the village}. ...read more.

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