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The Battle of Britain

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How useful are the sources A, B and C in understanding what the evacuation from the beaches of Dunkirk was like? I think that source B is most useful for many reasons such as it gives an entire view of the beaches and there are lots of other people that agree with source B and back I up. I think that both source A and C are also important though. Source A suggests that the army was unorganised, that the soldiers were panicking and that the navy was the only organised force there. This source is useful in understanding what the evacuation from the beaches of Dunkirk was like especially from the perspective of a naval officer although there are some limitations and problems. ...read more.


All of these things decrease it's usefulness and we are also unsure of how it is written, if it is in a diary then it may be more truthful than if it was in a newspaper. I think that this source is helpful to find out what the evacuation from the beaches of Dunkirk but it is definitely not the most useful source. Source B is very useful in understanding what the evacuation of the beaches of Dunkirk was like, it tells you about how frightening it was for men on the beaches and how easy it was for the Germans to cut the men down. This was written by a seaman so as with source A he will not have known what it was like to be a soldier on the beaches but instead will have had an overview of the beaches. ...read more.


It also may have been exaggerated as it was written by a Cornish merchant seaman who will have had no experience of war and may have found what most people in the war do brave. There is also not much to compare this source against, apart from R.V Jones saying "I heard of the commander-in-chief, Lord Gort standing on the beach with two guardsmen as loaders while he tried to shoot down German dive-bombers with a rifle. As I said before I think that source B is the most useful as it gives us a wide view and tells us what it was like evacuating the beaches of Dunkirk more than A or B. A has contradictions from other sources and C doesn't tell you that much about what it was like evacuating the beaches of Dunkirk. ...read more.

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