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The battle of Dunkirk.

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The battle of Dunkirk Question 2 In my opinion the battle of Dunkirk can be seen as both a deliverance and disaster. It can be seen as a deliverance by the fact that the British and French survived which is a great feat on it's own, because seeing what predicament the British and French were in, it was likely they were going to lose. They turned the tables and 338,000 men were saved. On the other hand, it can be seen as a disaster because out of the 338,000 men saved 139,997 were French, so for British morale that wasn't very good. Also even Churchill said, "Wars are not won by evacuation". Some would say that Britain still lived to fight another day that is also an important point. I will try to come to a conclusion based on my own knowledge and some sources. I would like to start by giving some of the reasons why this battle can be seen as a great deliverance because the British survived to fight another day, and the population back home was led to believe it was a great delivery. ...read more.


The problem with this source is that it is a still life picture meaning, it's just one second of someone's life.From all we know a German heinikel could have dropped a bomb any time killing the soldiers just after this photo was taken. Source F shows the soldiers warding off German fighter planes. This to is a very good photo on propaganda to boost British morale; this also shows the British strife because they are willing to die to save their country. Altogether none of these sources are sufficient enough o support the interpretation, they are just pictures, so anything could have happened after they were taken or painted, they just don't tell me enough. Source H implies that it was a deliverance, because a small passage from it says "tens of thousands safely home already, many more coming by day and night", but and in most cases there is one, it again fails to tell us that France has fallen into the hands of the Germans that's why the British had to retreat to the coast. Source H is a barefaced piece of propaganda. Now if I move on to source I it is the only source that seems fair because in it says that 1/3rd of the men saved were French, and the weather was good and vast losses. ...read more.


These sources also refer to operation Dynamo that no other source talks about, so we get information on the build up and the plans for evacuation, which are vital on our understanding of the battle. The video still surpassed all the other sources on supporting this interpretation. It was very critical and unbiased. Still none of the sources apart from source I tell us about the eastern mole, and the1-mile jetty that helped so many men escape. Also all of them failed to mention that 1/3rd of the men saved were French. To conclude, some people would say that it was a great deliverance because the British lived to fight another day, but as Churchill said, "wars are not won by evacuation", also the Americans thought the British would lose, they were proven wrong. Some people say if the British hadn't evacuated the war would have been lost there and then. On the other hand it can be seen as a disaster because only 2/3rd of the men saved were British. There were 68,000 casualties, and a lot of weaponry was lost. In my opinion it was a bit of both, deliverance and disaster. There isn't sufficient evidence to rule anything out. I would say that Dunkirk was a lesson learnt by the British and a hard one at that. ...read more.

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