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the blitz

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The Blitz: What ways did the British government hide the effects of the Blitz? In this essay I will display the governments attitude towards hiding the Blitz, and also the effect it had on British society. A big part of the Blitz cover up was propaganda, and a major avenue that was posters. Posters were meant to be educational an up-lifting. Posters such as "one potato les a meal" and "grow your own" were not only meant to educate, but to up-lift and distract them from the misery of the Blitz. Another example is that British heroism was exaggerated. Pictures of Britain losing were banned and only selected pictures were shown, to prove Britain wasn't a nanny state. ...read more.


If one piece of government mail was read it was believed it could lead to terror and hysteria, in actual fact a piece of government mail read " open signs of hysteria and terror...feeling of helplessness" of which if leaked, could lead to panic in the nation. A lifestyle changing measure was made, when government in with film and music. Happy movies were made to be used a distraction, from the Blitz, and the demonising of the Germans and Hitler e.g. movie accounts of Hitler being shot down. Films such as "In which we serve" and " Went the day well" were the motives to display British people to get on with things. ...read more.


A method that was often used was distraction. Schemes such as "music as you work" were designed to lift the workers sprits and encourage them to give 100% to their work. In conclusion, I believe that the Blitz was covered up in many different ways. Poster campaigns were to boos morale, educate, distract and demonise Hitler and Germany. Exaggerations were made and were used to show British heroism. Private mail was used to send coded messages, the prevent the nation realising there was a crisis. The MOI kept secrets and also exaggerated British victories. Government advice was given to distract people from the true pains of war. All in all the distraction were successful in hiding the effects of the Blitz. ...read more.

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