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The Causes of The Second World War.

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The Causes of The Second World War. There were many reasons for the outbreak of the Second World War in September 1939, some were more important than others. All the countries that had won the First World War signed the treaty of Versailles in 1919. These countries were called The Allies. The treaty was supposed to stop any further war. It said that all big empires like Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey had to be split up. This was so that they would not be as powerful; making it harder for them to fight another war. But the Germans hated the Treaty of Versailles because the other main point was to punish Germany. The treaty said that Germany had started the war and therefore, must pay a massive sum of money, (in 1920 the figure was set at �6,600 million.) This money was called "reparations" and most of it was for damage in France. Germany did not like this because they also had their own damage to pay for. Germany also had to drastically cut the size of its' army. They were not allowed any tanks, submarines or warplanes. Germany hated this because they had always had a large army and now they were not as powerful. ...read more.


Fiona Reynoldson wrote "People stood and listened to Hitler for two hours without moving. He told them he would make Germany great. He told them he would find them all jobs." Hitler became the ruler of Germany in 1933. Hitler wanted Germany to be great and powerful again. He wanted to build a big army and have more land. But the League of Nations did not want a powerful Germany, because this could ultimately lead to another war. So Hitler took Germany out of the League of Nations. Once out, Hitler ordered new tanks, submarines and ships to be built. He also made every young man in Germany do army training. He made the German army big again and it was much more powerful. Hitler wanted an area of land called Saar because it contained lots of coal, iron and steel. Saar had belonged to Germany before the First World War, but had been taken away immediately after. In 1935 the people in Saar voted to be part of Germany again. This pleased Hitler because it meant he was popular and he could use the coal, iron and steel to make guns and ships. Britain, France and Italy were starting to get worried, so they agreed to stand up to Germany together. ...read more.


He feared communism because the Tsar of Russia and his family had been killed. Many British people had also realised that the Treaty of Versailles had been too harsh, so Chamberlain gave in to keep the peace. But appeasement encouraged Hitler to be more aggressive. Because the League of Nations was not doing anything to stop him, Hitler thought that he could take any land he wanted. First he took over nearly all of Czechoslovakia in March 1939. A week later he took Memal from Lithuania. Britain and France stood by horrified. Then things got even worse. Germany and Russia signed a pact. The pact was called the Nazi-Soviet pact. They agreed not to fight each other any more. They agreed to share Poland between them. "There is no question of sparing Poland. There will be war. Our job is to isolate Poland" said Hitler in 1939. On 1st of September 1939 Poland was invaded by Germany. Britain and France decided they had to step in. They realised that if they didn't, Hitler would continue to seize land. War was finally declared on the 3rd of September 1939. In conclusion it appears that the efforts made by all the nations involved with the plight of Germany following the Great War, brought about the very thing they strived to avoid. The rise of the fascist dictator Adolf Hitler, was met with appeasement; which only served to fuel his ever-increasing demands. ...read more.

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