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The Causes that led to the outbreak of the Second World War

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The Causes that led to the outbreak of the Second World War The reason war broke out in 1939 is almost completely because of the long-term causes that the treaty of Versailles besotted upon the world, in particular Germany. The other contributors to the outbreak of war were the aggressive nationalism of Germany, Italy and Japan, the League of Nations and the policy of appeasement. Italy and Japan's attitude had a huge impact on Germany and especially Hitler. Japan's invasion of Manchurian in 1931-1933 and their plans to expand throughout more of China encouraged Hitler and in 1933 before he even came to power Hitler had plans about the foreign policy. He intended to expand through Russia and Eastern Europe and believed that by taking over these countries he would make an important victory over the communists and Jews. The policy of appeasement is the attitude of France and even more so Britain to Germany and it's aggressive manner. Many people in Britain believed that the Treaty of Versailles had been too harsh and so when Germany led by Hitler began to make plans and break it's rules France and Britain ...read more.


However as the people of the Saarland voted to rejoin Germany and because Britain and France were not prepared to resist German occupation of German territory it was allowed. Also the French army was not well placed to react quickly and it is thought that a French invasion might have been treated as a declaration of war and encourage Hitler to react, which would have led to a Franco-German war. In Europe the League of Nations could do nothing as Hitler tore up the Treaty of Versailles. In Asia the League was a bystander as the Japanese invaded northern China and by 1937 Japan, Italy and Germany had all left the League of Nations. The idea of collective security disappeared. In 1936 Germany had formed the Rome-Berlin Axis with Italy in which they agreed that while Italy expanded to the south they would not object to Germany taking over Austria. Hitler failed to unite the country by pressuring the Austrian Chancellor so in 1938 he invaded Austria and announced the Anschluss between Germany and Austria. ...read more.


In August of 1939 Hitler and Stalin agreed not to attack each and secretly between them divided up Poland and the Baltic states. This agreement meant that Hitler needn't fight a war on two fronts and could invade Poland and then attack Western Europe. On September 1st 1939 Hitler invaded Poland. Britain and France declared war. These facts show that the aggressive nationalism of Germany, Italy and Japan, the weakness of the League of Nations and the policy of appeasement are all equally responsible for the outbreak of war because without Germany's aggressive nationalism Hitler would not have succeeded in running the country and therefore could not have rearmed or invaded the Rhineland, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland and without the aggressive nationalism of Italy and Japan, Hitler might not have had the courage or ideas to pursue his foreign policy. The weakness of the League of Nations to act to what Italy, Japan and Germany where doing just made it easier for them to caring on and expand there empires, and the policy of appeasement could have stopped Hitler long before he gained so much power but failed to therefore making war almost inevitable. 9th September 2001 Jessica Roach 11A ...read more.

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