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The changing roleand status of women in Britain since 1900.

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Amandeep Badesha Assignment 1: The changing role and status of women in Britain since 1900 Source A a photograph personally I think is not very useful about showing the Suffragettes attitudes in 1908 because they were meant to be very militant and aggressive about their ways of getting the vote for women. Although their militancy increased over the years up to 1914 and the outbreak of the war their protest after 1908 should have been aggressive because in 1908 a bill was produced in Parliament and passed it on but got no further than the second reading so they felt they had to take further action than a simple campaign with no real militance. ...read more.


Another point to argue that the source is useful because women in the photograph they are dressed up like middle/upper class women whom reputation was the posh, respectable housewife. Also the photograph could have been taken by a Suffragette supporter to promote and encourage other women to back-up and support the Suffragettes for women to have the right to vote. I think this source is not useful because the photograph may have been an odd one taken at the early part of the year when they were just beginning to get militant so we do not know when exactly the photo was taken in 1908. Police are present presumably, just incase the protest was to backfire and they started to be militant during a demonstration. ...read more.


1908 a minority did agree with the issues released by the Suffragettes and the Suffragists so they did have a few amount of men on their side. Part of this photograph/source does reflect a view because men are present in the photograph so this shows that not only women though that they should be allowed to vote but men also did. The reliability is low because from sources and arguments made Suffragist's were the group for protests and leaflets whereas Suffragettes were the ones with a militant attitude and so it is unusual to see a photograph where Suffragettes are calm and sensible with just a banner to fight their argument. Also some sources are more useful than others depending on who took and write the source/ photograph because some photographs are staged aswell. ...read more.

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