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The Civil Rights Movement

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'The Civil Rights Movement Achieved a Great Deal in the 1950s and 1960s' The person making the statement believes that thanks to the Civil Rights Movement the quality of life for black people has increased. This interpretation is supported by a table of figures in Source A. The table was published in a history textbook. This information regards education, an area in which the Civil Rights Movement had been strongly been campaigning for the desegregation of schools. This information is from a textbook so therefore we are led to believe that these figures will be accurate and unbiased. . Although these numbers are estimates they are still a reliable source of information. The table shows the dramatic increase in the numbers of black students in the same schools as white students. We can see that in every state apart from three there have been increases in the percentages of black students in schools with white students. This would indicate that the desegregation of schools had been a success. ...read more.


The conversation is held in Detroit which was 'the riot to end all riots'. The comments made by the two young blacks may be exaggerated as they were involved in the riots but also they do not give a very positive image of blacks and also they are being racist as they call white people 'Honkies'. Although Newsweek has a reputation as a good magazine, the conversation may not be reliable as it is not painting a very positive picture about young blacks. It criticises the Civil Rights Movement and its method of direct non violence and it thinks that the reason why black Americans are becoming accepted as part of the USA is because the race riots and violent actions of the Black Panthers. The winning of the vote can not be disputed as a major achievement for the Civil Rights Movement. The huge increase in the majority of southern states, regarding the number of blacks being registered to vote shows that blacks are finally becoming part of the American society and are having a say in the way the country is run. ...read more.


Throughout the film we see numerous attacks on the black people, which further prove how racist the people of the Deep South are. However, near the end of the film many of the whites begin to change there opinions and begin to lose there prejudices and are not Anti-Black anymore. This film makes the Civil Rights Movement seem successful as it has managed to change the attitudes of white Americans which was what they set out to do. The Civil Rights Movement did achieve a great deal in the 1950s and 1960s. It increased awareness of the problem of racism and protested for change. Thanks to the protesting of the Civil Rights Movement they managed to gain the right to vote for blacks and also helped to get desegregation in schools. The actions of the Black Panthers may have been more hard hitting but it also caused further racial tensions because of the violent methods involved. The Civil Rights Movement Managed to improve the quality of life for black Americans and make them an important part of society which they had never been before. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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