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The Civil Rights Movement

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HISTORY COURSEWORK Question 1: The Civil Rights Movement The war meant that all American citizens had a part to play in the war effort. The war meant that America's government took charge of industry, causing end of the depression. For America the war was a time of prosperity. Just like when women got the vote thanks to their input in the first world war, it was now the black Americans chance to become recognised as American citizens due to the fact America needed the m to work and fight for their country. The USA had joined a war that was fighting against the racism of Nazi Germany, which made it difficult for them to justify discrimination against black and ethnic groups. "...we will not be intimidated by the threats of dictators...we look forward to...freedom of speech and expression...freedom of worship...freedom form fear...everywhere in the world." The war brought the opportunities for black Americans that led to the end of segregation although there was still segregation in the armed forces till 1948. More than 1.5 million G.Is were stationed round Britain where there was no racial segregation. Having fought with and been in a country where there was no segregation of blacks, white Americans opinions began to change. ...read more.


I think this showed black Americans that it was worth persevering and protesting for Civil rights as when they gained these laws they would be kept and not pushed aside as they had been in the past. The bus boycott resulted in the segregation coming to the government's attention and it being ruled illegal. In this way what started off, as an individual protest became a movement that helped gain rights for the blacks. Question 2- Black Power compared to Civil Rights Movement The Black Power Movement aimed to give blacks equal rights in the same way as the Civil Rights Movement, however The Black Power Movement wanted the blacks to stay separate but separate and equal. The Black Power Movement aimed to create a black society that had a distinct culture and was proud of its heritage where as The Civil Rights Movement wanted an integrated society. The Black Power Movement aimed to create an America where Black and White lived with an equal quality of life and had the same rights but were separate by means of lifestyle and culture. The Civil Rights Movement, however aimed to crate an integrated society in which black and white people lived peacefully as one American population. ...read more.


I am a Muslim in the most orthodox sense; my religion is Islam as it is believed in and practiced by the Muslims in the Holy City of Mecca." Malcolm X Martin Luther Kings Christian background was the basis for his beliefs peaceful non violent protest and a society where black and white are integrated in one society. Both leaders were very religious and they both based their aims and means of achieving them on this religion. The Civil Rights Movement was supported widely in Northern America. It was seen as the more respectable movement to support, especially by older generations. It was supported by both blacks and whites and thousands of whites as well as blacks gathered to hear Martin Luther King's speeches. On the other hand the Black Power Movement was supported by the younger generation who wanted more action to be taken faster. Malcolm X, like Martin Luther King was a passionate speaker who inspired many by talking of empowering the Blacks. The Black Power movement was not as openly supported as The Civil Rights Movement and didn't have as many supporters either. Most whites found the Black Power Movement intimidating and frightening. Both movements helped gain the civil rights laws along with other factors such as publicity from the media etc. ...read more.

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