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The Crusades - diary of a Muslim soldier

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´╗┐To the Son of Asaif al-Aliquah, Your great father has become a hero in history. He has fought bravely in our failed attack on the Crusaders. He sustained many wounds, yet he still fought on, using up all his arrows and slaying many with his sword. Hwoever, his wound were too much for his prowess, and he died last night of his injuries sustained in battle. He was not the first, nor was he the last. Many of our men died in the attack yesterday, causing us to flee before the Crusading calvary. We have had to burn our bodies, because there was scarcely any room to bury them all. The smkoe was able to be seen for miles around, and there are still men dying now. I have suffered many wounds myself, and am slowly weakening. ...read more.


We know that our main strength will be in our archery, as the Crusaders have not been skilled in firing from horseback. However, our biggest surprise will be our foot archers, who could fire into ranks of men from huge distances, due to the fact that they held a massive bow with their feet rather than their hands. Our fight is to be held at the plains of Dorylaeum. Our full force of 50,000 men will be able to easily destroy the small vanguard of 20,000 men. We expect the starving Crusaders to be easily defeated, for they are weakened from the lack of food, which we have in plenty. Our massive force of foot archers will also easily kill hundreds of men, and we should easily decimate Bohemond?s men. From your friend, Asaif al-Aliquah Mother, I almost died today. ...read more.


With this, our men started to break through the lines, losing many men but also killing many. As I looked about the field, I easily saw 4,000 Crusaders dead on the field. However, a loud horn blast and the thundering of hooves suddenly turned my head, for our men had all been attacking the small cluster of men in the camp, and they could not possibly make a full charge. As I looked on, I saw the banners of Byzantine, and of Duke Godfrey and his brother, Baldwin, with 55,000 men strong, all thundering towards us. Although we had the numbers to defeat them, and many fell down with our foot archers, they were such a frightening sight, there was nothing for us to do but turn and flee. I had a huge leg wound, and could not run properly. My brother, Taymur al-Aliquah, found me and took me up onto his horse, and we ran off together, chased quickly by the Crusaders. From, your son, Asaif al-Aliquah ...read more.

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