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The Diary of a Stock Investor

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The Diary of a Stock Investor November 14th 1923 Today, I found an amazing deal in shares! I had to buy it: the offer was just too good to be true, and so many people have started buying, I wanted to get in on it. I decided to take Billy to Wall Street, home of the Stock Exchange, to show him how shares work (I believe the younger you learn, the better you get.). It was horribly bitter, so Billy and I walked fairly briskly to keep warm. It was getting rather crowded, but when I finally saw the different shares I could buy, my heart flipped over, and I swung Billy around with joy (which was rather hard because of all the people)! ...read more.


It is amazing how much money America has nowadays! It really is the roaring twenties! If I keep on buying shares, at this rate, we could be millionaires! But, of course, it is not just us who are making money. No, no, no: most of New York (at least, if not the whole of North America) are getting richer from shares! We are being encouraged a lot to keep buying shares. They say that the more you buy, the more the prices go up. I guess that is a good thing because then you get more money, but then you have to pay more too. Oh well, so long as I am getting a lot of money. I love shares! ...read more.


For a while is seemed the stock market had recovered. I mean, the 10% fall on 5th September was recovered on the 6th, and nothing changed until eight days ago. On the 21st October, there was a big fall in stock prices, and then three days later there were more big falls but the banks intervened and managed to hold the prices. But yesterday, the were absolutely massive falls and more massive falls today. No banks have intervened this time. I think the people were right: the money had run out. I don't know what to do. I was relying on those shares! I mean, I got so many loans from the bank that I was going to pay back with the money I got from the shares, but now I have no shares to make money from. I don't know how we will come as a family, and as a country. Raymond ...read more.

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