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The Downward Spiral - Homosexuality

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The Downward Spiral - Homosexuality One of the most controversial topics facing our nation today is over gay marriage and rights. There is very little middle ground; you are either for it or against it. I am strongly against it because it is simply wrong and has always been looked at as immoral throughout history. Yet somehow mainstream media and some political figures have begun to poison the minds of society. Anyone who is for gay marriage should really take a good hard look at America's past on the views on homosexuality and also look at the Pandora's Box of evil that would manifest in our nation if more gay rights, especially gay marriages, are legalized. For years, being "gay" was a very taboo subject. As a matter of fact, any gay rights groups were very underground and kept out of the mainstream media for years. Homosexuals were viewed by the common population as on the same level as rapist and pedophiles. Then came along Bill Clinton who was the first president in history to be very openly accepting of homosexuality. He fought for the allowance of more rights for that demographic. The Democratic Party is now widely recognized as the group that holds the keys the future rights gays may receive. ...read more.


I will go on to say at least 99 percent of America would agree with me. Well guess what, this is how homosexuality once was seen. In the 1950's, communism was seen to be on the same level as homosexuality in America. It was a misdemeanor arrest to be found at a gay bar, or wherever it would be that one would openly engage in a homosexual act. Even the President at the time, Dwight Eisenhower, put a great deal of restrictions on gays (D'emilio). It was generally seen as a threat to America's purity and ability to function as a powerful nation. So, that very same sickening feeling you probably did or should've had when you thought of the disgusting image of a 10-year old boy having relations with a 45-year old man is exactly where homosexuality stood in the minds of common people throughout most of time. Go ask your grandparents or an elderly person with some sense and most will all tell you the same thing. When they were in their teenage years it never even was an option to be gay and certainly never thought gays would have any formal rights, let alone be allowed to legal marry like their moms and dads. ...read more.


Canada is where America would be if it weren't for the Defense of Marriage amendment, which was surprisingly cast during the Clinton Administration. After more than two centuries of American history and a few millennia of human civilization, a few mental diseased judges and groups of people are trying to change a basic fabric of human nature. Love and marriage is only healthy and right when it's between a man and a woman. I don't care if you love someone of the same sex, a young boy, an animal or if anything outside of someone for the opposite sex, you are mentally disturbed. It's not right, never was and never will be. For years, scientists and physicians have shifted the definition of homosexuality from a sinful criminal act to a diseased condition (D'emilio). My only suggestion is that we all step back and look at homosexuality for what is really is: a disease. No one is born gay, so just forget about that. That is just liberal scientists trying to justify evil and eliminate God, just like they tried to do with evolution and the "big bang" theory, which proved to be total junk. But once the majority of America sees the truths and stops believing the lies, we can come together and stop this movement and save the generations to come from pure immoral chaos. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mohammed Imran Daji ...read more.

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