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The Edsel

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The Edsel was a make of automobile manufactured by the Ford Motor Company during the late 1950's. Henry Ford named the Edsel after his son. The car brand is best known as one of the most spectacular failures in the history of the United States automotive industry. Ford had an excess of money on hand from the success of the Ford Thunderbird so they wanted to add another make to the intermediate slot. Research and development began in the mid 1950's under the name "E-car" (experimental car). The Edsel was introduced to the public on "E Day," September 4, 1957. It was promoted by a television special called The Edsel Show. Ford had leaked word which had consumers expecting a completely new car. The Edsel shared the same bodywork with other Ford models. ...read more.


Marketing experts fault corporate America for failing to understand the nature of the American consumer. There is really no one reason for the failure of the Edsel. The Edsels pricing was supposed to fit into Ford's marketing plans as the brand between Ford and Mercury. When the Edsel was introduced the pricing was considerably different than what the public understood it to be. The Edsels Pacer and Corsair models were more expensive than their Mercury counterparts. The public was unsure where the Edsel fit into the market. The Edsel didn't live up to the expectation of consumers after all of the excitement and high hopes caused by Ford's advertisements. The cost of the car was higher than what consumers were willing to pay. There was a recession in 1957. When Ford initially began planning for the release of the Edsel the economy was thriving. ...read more.


The list of 6,000 names would have strategically been narrowed down to the top three and the executives board would have been called to a meeting to choose the final name. The marketing strategies would have been rethought also. The economy was in a recession by the time the car was to be released, so more thought would have had to be put into whether to release the car on the original release date or not. I also would have looked into a newer body style as was rumored to be what was being released to the customer. There are many things that could have been done to make the Edsel a success. The very first thing would be the name because the Edsel doesn't sound like the name of anything, car or otherwise, that I would like to own. The target market should have been more closely looked at and also the pricing of the car. ...read more.

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