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The evacuation of dunkirk. Source evaluation.

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Introduction. It was the closing days of May 1942. The German forces were sweeping through France and demolishing everything and anything that got in the way. It was imminent that Germany was going to win the war from this position. British troops were stuck on the coast of Dunkirk with the German troops advancing ever closer from just 10 miles away there was 400,000 troops in Dunkirk and only 340,000 troops was successfully evacuated. The British expeditionary forces (BEF) with being forced to retreat from Dunkirk. The German forces were much more powerful than Britain and their allies expected. The German forces were using tanks and bombers to drive through opposition defences. Now all British troops were stuck in Dunkirk with German troops getting closer and closer. There are many historians that believe from this point on what happened was truly a miracle. But on the other side of the story there are many historians that believe this was not a miracle it was nothing but that of a disaster. I am going to investigate eight sources four of which back up the theory of a miracle and four of which back up the theory that it was a disaster. ...read more.


Source 4 - this source is not a narrative source or a source full of statistics. This source shows us visually weirder British troops got stuck and rescue from it shows us how the German troops were closing in and how close they got to our British troops. I do not know the artist of this map, I do not know when the map was created and I do not know who the map was created for. Although I do not know this I still have reason to believe the map is a British map because of the title. The title of this map is operation Dynamo. Because this source is visual it is very good for kinaesthetic cleaners to develop an understanding of this operation. Although the map does not give great detail it is still a reliable source. I do not think that this source is Bias. Middle section - Disaster. Source 1 - this source was written in 1999 for a schools history textbook, Global War by Josh Brooman. This man has written a lot of extracts for school text books, so I feel it would be safe to say that this source is reliable, but it would be good to know where this mans sympathies lie. ...read more.


The evacuation proved that the unity of the British people could not be broken and the moral could not be lowered by any nation. I feel that the fact that Britain managed to evacuate all those people is a miracle in its self, although I do feel there was a bit of luck in the fact that Hitler chose bot to attack, even when the British were like sitting ducks. There were some elements of the evacuation that were a disaster which were the fact that they lost men, and artillery and the faith that other countries put in them to stop the torrid forces of Hitler and Germany. But Britain had time to rebuild there army and artilleries after the evacuation to overcome this defeat to win the war. I think that although they were defeated it could have been much worse. They could have lost many more men, ships, tanks and other artilleries. So my conclusion is that it was a miracle that they rebuilt themselves after this defeat, it was a miracle they got all there men out of there alive, but it was the biggest disaster in the history of British war in the fact that they were crushed and sent straight back from the powers of the German forces. ...read more.

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