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"The Evacuation was a great success" Do you agree or disagree with the interpretation?

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Danny Barrigan History Coursework "The Evacuation was a great success" Do you agree or disagree with the interpretation? I think that the evacuation was a success as it saved many children's lives. However, some children were not evacuated and were killed in the bombings. This shows that the evacuation had its faults and was not a complete success. Some children had a great time while at their foster homes in the countryside, which can be used as evidence for why the evacuation was a success. But in some cases, children had a terrible time in the foster homes and were possibly abused by their carers. Hope and Glory is a film which is about a mother with her husband at war who refused evacuation and it shows the children were allowed to roam the London streets of rubble unsupervised. This showing that evacuation was not a complete success as it shows kids were allowed to stay and be in danger. Source A is a picture showing that the evacuation was a great success. ...read more.


However, after so many years she would have no reason not to tell the truth so that overall, I think that this source is probably reliable. It shows the point that evacuation was not such a success as it tells of the children as scared. Source C is an extract from the novel 'Carrie's War'. This was written in 1973. This was also written by an evacuee of the war but it is a fictional book. This source gives us a story how the children were made to feel embarrassed. Source C, although not very reliable us giving evacuation a bad name and shows that some people did not enjoy their evacuation. Source D is an advertisement issued by the government in 1940. This was just a year after the first children group were evacuated; it is a propaganda poster which is showing the countryside out to be much better place for the children to be than the city. It also gives a good piece of writing below the picture displaying many facts that would comfort the parents. ...read more.


As they go unsupervised in the day, they roam across the rubble of destroyed houses and come across dangerous thing like unexploded ammunition. In conclusion, I believe that evacuation had many pros when helping Britain. It helped the death toll of Britain's next generation. It also helped the countryside which was short of co workers they needed and it was a good thing to happen for them. And finally, I think that many evacuees will look back and remember goods times in the countryside and the parents will be happy that they were safe and there were many who offered a lot. Most Children had their education disrupted because there were not enough classrooms so they only attended school half day rather than the full day. Most children were home sick and there parents. A lot of them had nightmares and wet the bed because they were so unhappy. Also if was hard for the foster parents, some of them had to put up with the badly behaved children who swore and did not have good table manners. However, it was healthier living in the country with fresh air and fresh food. So overall, there were some successes and some failures in evacuation. ...read more.

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