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The events of Bloody Sunday 30 January 30 1972 in Derry.

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History Coursework Assignment 2 Question 2 The events of Bloody Sunday 30 January 30 1972 in Derry has produced many different historical interpretations. While the truth of the events of that day have not yet been recovered. The Saville enquiry, which is running at the current time, is sparing no costs to find out the truths of that day. The march was a huge rally protesting against internment. This was when suspected IRA men could be arrested without trial. It was organised by the civil rights movement. British forces had suspected trouble because fifteen thousand defied a ban on the march and gathered in the Derry city centre. The situation in Derry at this time was very volatile with rioting and no go areas. The security forces found it very difficult to police. As the parachute regiment sealed off the area they were met with a hail of stones. The truth has never really been found over confusion of the events that followed. The soldiers fired they say they were fired on first while it has been proven that the victims were unarmed. ...read more.


The support does not say the how the Widgery inquiry came to a decision with insufficient evidence. This is not a balanced view the writer is offering the viewpoint and interpretations of the Paras and the Conservative government of the time. It shows the new evidence in a bad light. It claims that the new evidence is too premature and inquiry is just Tony Blair appeasing Republicans. Source B is an article that appeared in the Guardian newspaper reporting on the same new evidence as source A was reacting too. John Mullan the Guardian's Irish correspondent wrote this source. The Guardian is a more liberal paper than the Daily Mail from source A. It tries more to get at the truth without any bias. It would not see itself as having a duty to support the Paratroopers and the Conservative government in power at the time. This is clear from the headline, 'This backs up what we have been saying for years the victims were innocent.' It takes an immediate tone of support for the families of the victims on Bloody Sunday. ...read more.


This will be a long and difficult process. This source is balanced because it does not lean towards either of the opposing viewpoints. This contrasts with the stance of the BBC, which would be inclined to support the Government in power at the time given the fact that it is Government funded. I also used the film ' Sunday' as another source, which is based on research but tends to concentrate more on the Nationalist viewpoint. It is not 100% impartial. All of the sources show the different interpretations on the events of Bloody Sunday. Source C is open to interpretation as it can easily be misinterpreted. Furthermore, source A is highly critical of Dr. John Martins u-turn, while source B uses him as further evidence. Source B is supportive of the Saville Inquiry while source A feels it is biased against the Paratroopers. Both sources A and B are inconsistent with each other while source C gives a balanced view. I expect when the inquiries findings are published in the future all the Government's money will pay off and finally the truth of that day will be told. Though until one cannot be sure of the truth because the events of that day have been interpreted in so many ways. ...read more.

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