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The first world wa was the main cause of the March revolution?

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ZAYNAB SHAH 5/7/2006 9E The First World War was the main cause of the March revolution. How far do you agree with this statement? Yes, I agree with the statement. I think that the war was the key factor of the revolution as it caused so many problems, however there were other causes. I will examine the other causes later. First of all the war was going fine, people thought that winning the war would make the Tsar a hero and improve his image and reputation. Then, things started to go downhill, the war was being fought badly and considering the fact that he was leading the army, most of the things were blamed on him and thus ruined his image. This made the people of Russia very angry and cracked their morale causing a meltdown in the hearts of the Russians, making their support for the country fall. This was one of the key factors involving the war that caused the March revolution. ...read more.


These were very important factors in the war that may have led to the March revolution. On the other hand World War One was the short term cause and I am now going to look at the long term causes of the revolution, which consisted of broken promises, scandals about the autocracy, behavioural changes in the organisation of Russia. So beginning with the broken promises and to make a story short it happened like this: The peasants lived a rough life; although all around them Russia was growing and industrializing. The peasants however had working poverty and poor living conditions, and thus wanted a better life. Also was a wealthier much more educated middle class who wanted a say in the government. The Tsars autocracy was very badly organised and it had caused problems and differences between people and the government. The Tsarist system was a system which allowed the Tsar to have complete control over Russia AND the Russian Orthodox Church. ...read more.


This was one of the behavioural changes in the organisation of the tsar and his government. It was one of the incidents that really set off the Russians with anger at these innocent deaths. And also scandals were flying around about the Tsarina and Rasputin having an affair because the despicable Rasputin was always hovering among the palace and apparently violating the Tsarina and her daughters. But in reality he was at first only there to cure the Tsar and Tsarina's son Tsarevich Alexis from the life-threatening disease Haemophilia and was mistakenly put down to the latter, but then he was advising the Tsar on how to run the army. So, to conclude, I can say that the main cause of March revolution was the war but I can honestly can say that even if the war didn't happen the revolution would still have happened, maybe even worse so because it would have had a chance to build up over time and make the Russians even more angrier. And I can also say that the First World War would have made the recurring problems even worse AND created new ones. ...read more.

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