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The First World War was the main cause of the march revolution

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The First World War was the main cause of the march revolution How far do you agree with this statement? I agree that the war was the main cause for the March revolution because all problems occurred after the war took place. There were also other causes which I will examine. I will now explain how the war caused the revolution. First of all food shortages occurred as the farmers and workers had to go to join the army which caused less food production. Less food also reached to people as the transport was being used for the army and a lot of food was being sent for the army therefore less was left behind. The cost of food also increased from 25% to a 100% which most people were unable to afford due to taxes etc. ...read more.


Thirdly most of the men had to join the army which left less people behind to work in factories in farms which caused shortages of supplies. Russia's railway system was able to cope as most of there men also went of to war which cause lack ability for goods reaching the army and coal being sent to town which cause power failures. People would say due to sending our sons, fathers etc to war we suffered losses here in Russia which made them more determined to fight against the Tsar. Fourthly as the Tsar was helping the army with 150 million men less men were left behind and had to work twelve to fourteen hours in bad conditions and low wages. ...read more.


But none of the things promised took place the peasants were left in their same condition which broke there hearts and made them lose hope in the Tsar. To conclude I belive that the war definitely caused the war because after the war problems becamer worser in the political, social, and economic situation. Politically, the people of Russia did not like the autocratic governing. Economically, food shortages in Russia and coal shortages leading to power faliures.Militarily, poorly equipped and the Tsar leading with less knowledge of militray strategy and tactics. So all these problems made all Russians angry with the Tsar and more determind to fight the Tsar and win over what they deserve. If the Tsar didn't go of to war would these problems have been solved? ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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