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The following reasons were all equally important for the Second World War - Do you agree with this statement?

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The following reasons were all equally important for the Second World War Do you agree with this statement? There are three main reasons for the Second World War. The first is appeasement. France and Britain adopted this policy for many reasons. Firstly, they did not want Germany as their enemy because there was a fear of communism spreading through Europe from Germany. Appeasement was not really adopted until 1936 because until then the main way of preventing war had been the League of Nations. It was in this year that the League finally collapsed. France and Britain then started giving in to Hitler. ...read more.


The second reason was the Failure of the League. The league wanted to apply economic sanctions but had no army of its own so it could not enforce them. The major reason for the league's lack of power was that America, which was the most powerful country, was not present in the league. The first blow to the league's authority came with the Japanese invasion of Manchuria. The leagues only action was to send the Litton Commission to investigate but it took fifteen months for them to report and by that time Japan had already overtaken Manchuria. The second blow came when Italy invaded Abyssinia (now Ethiopia). ...read more.


When Hitler came to power, he was very aggressive. He started rebuilding the army, which was a direct violation of the Treaty of Versailles; he then left the league and went on to take the aforementioned countries Once Japan and Italy had succeeded in taking over the countries, due to the ineptness of the league and its lack of power because of the absence of America and the Wall Street crash, Hitler decided to try and was successful. Because the league failed this meant that appeasement had to be followed and this in turn allowed the Dictators polices to flourish. I think that the foreign polices was the most important because if they weren't determined to build an empire then Hitler would never have been encourage and wouldn't have started taking countries. ...read more.

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