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The following were all equally important reasons why Stalin was able to hold onto power in the Soviet Union:.The purges and show trials,.The secret police,

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Sam Pedwell History Russia coursework question C The following were all equally important reasons why Stalin was able to hold onto power in the Soviet Union: .The purges and show trials, .The secret police, .Propaganda and the cult of personality, .Stalin's economic policies. Gaining power over the USSR was only part of the challenge that faced Stalin, once in power he then had to hold onto power something which he achieved through a combination of strategies and methods. Stalin knew what his goals were and achieved them in such a way that the Russian people supported him, he made sure that all his achievements were known and that his failures stayed away from the public eye winning the hearts and the minds of Russian citizens. To explain the importance that each of the above reasons had I am going to relate and compare them to each other as often the reasons effect could not be seen in action until combined with another resulting reason. ...read more.


The show trials were also liked to the secret police as they were widely publicised and created yet more fear of the secret police amongst Russian people. The effect of the secret police was a crucial one if Stalin were to succeed in his reign; this relatively small workforce's capabilities were blown out of all proportions and ensured that what Stalin said, went. The secret police's effects were really seen more through the purges and show trials but there can be no doubt that without them more opposition to Stalin would have surfaced and support dwindle. The show trials and purges and also the secret police are linked to Stalin's propaganda and the cult of personality. As time went by Stalin became more and more paranoid and fearful of his role and became more and more controlling of the Soviet Union. Stalin's propaganda and the cult of personality came in many different forms and appeared in many different places, his picture was seen everywhere, in newspapers on billboards in cinemas along with claims of his greatness and tales of his wonderful achievements and friendships with Lenin and other popular figures. ...read more.


This policy helped Stalin hold onto power because he was actively seen by the people to be improving their country and essentially their lives as he provided both employment and facilities/materials, it also helped him maintain control as countries were less likely to invade Russia if it had a strong army. Many of Stalin's other economic policies would have certainly gained him a lot of support as he ensured that his policies were always such that they would be well received at the time by the Russian citizens. However I do feel that whilst each of these reasons had great significance none of them would have had such effect unless combined with the other reasons each reason led onto another reason. His ability to manipulate situations that had come about through luck, he changed his policies to fit in with the idea's of the time and used his opponents weakness's against them to succeed in holding power. Stalin did so many bad things in his time but was able to cover for them and hold onto power for so long because of all of the above reasons. Sam Pedwell ...read more.

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