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The following were equally important reasons why Stalin was able to hold onto power in the Soviet Union - The purges and show trials - The secret police

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The following were equally important reasons why Stalin was able to hold onto power in the Soviet Union: * The purges and show trials * The secret police * Propaganda and the cult of personality * Stalin's economic policies. Explain how far you agree with this statement. I agree that all the above reasons did help Stalin stay in power and I believe that they are equally important reasons. I believe that they were all entwined and that they could only all happen together and that one would not have happened on its own. To illustrate my argument, I am going to take each of the four above points and then link them to the other three. I hope I provide enough information and construct my argument well enough that you will see how I came to the above conclusion. The first topic I am going to look at is the Great Purges and then link this to the Secret Police. The Purges were when Stalin launched a new campaign of political terror against the Communist Party members who had brought him to power. His excuse to begin this was the assassination of his leading colleague and potential rival, Sergei Kirov. ...read more.


Photographs were altered so Stalin seemed a closer friend to Lenin than he had been and Trotsky was removed from all photographs and history books and articles. The country became blanketed in extreme adoration. Stalin became the dictator of the Soviet Union and he trusted nobody. He changed people's views as much as he could, even to the extent that they began to persecute Christians and Christian Priests were murdered or exiled. Stalin ran everything, most people lived in fear but where unable to speak out. People loyal to Stalin would receive special privileges. The Propaganda and the Cult of Personality also links to Collectivisation, as they were all forms of Stalin trying to get control. Collectivisation began most intensely between 1929 and 1933. It was aimed at transforming traditional agriculture in the Soviet Union and to try and reduce the power of the Kulaks. Under the Collectivisation policy the peasants were forced to give up their individual farms and join collective farms. Peasants were forced to work together and all land, animals and tools were put together to produce more grain. The peasants were allowed to keep a small plot of land for their own fruit, vegetables and animals. ...read more.


only to increase propaganda, the government said the targets had been hit but it's hard to tell how much was really achieved and how much was propaganda, the plans caused social and economic problems, the transport systems nearly collapsed as it couldn't cope with the increased loads of goods, rationing was introduced and safety standards began to be ignored. But it did enormously increased production and Russia was transformed from backward agricultural nation into the world's second greatest power. After evaluating all the above reasons for helping Stalin stay in power I believe that all the above reasons were equally important as if one wouldn't have happened the others wouldn't have even happened. The Purges couldn't have happened without the Secret Police; The Show Trails couldn't have happened without the purges; The Propaganda wouldn't have happened without the Show Trails or the Cult of Personality; Industrialisation wouldn't have happened without Collectivisation and vice-versa and The Cult of Personality couldn't have happened without Propaganda. I believe that Stalin did do many bad things in his time but he did succeed Lenin and stay in power for a number of years and without all of the above reasons he wouldn't have been able to hold onto power for as long as he did. Amanda Lorraine Lee 11EF ...read more.

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