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The Good Friday Agreement has been a failure and the problems are still Impossible to over come. Do you agree?

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Just like previous attempts to bring peace to Northern Ireland The Good Friday Agreement has been a failure and the problems are still Impossible to over come. Do you agree? In this essay I am going to start by looking at two previous attempts at peace. The breakthroughs, which led up to the Good Friday agreement. What the aims of the Good Friday agreement (short term and long term). The developments since the Good Friday Agreement and the problems that still exist. Here I am going to write about two previous attempts at peace the first one I am going to look at is ' The Anglo-Irish Agreement' in 1985 the British singed this with the Republic. This set up a joint committee of two governments to discuss such matters as the security forces, justice and the law in Ulster. They hoped to find ways to persuade Unionists and Nationalists to respect each other's rights and views. ...read more.


They did this due to pressure form Gerry Adams, the leader of Sinn Fein. Although people were happy with the agreement hard line Loyalists like Ian Paisly were completely against it. This led to more killings and shootings throughout Northern Ireland . On 10 th April 1998 the Good Friday agreement was signed. It was only on 22 nd May 1998 that the people saw the outlook of the agreement. From then on there has been speculation on whether the agreement would help make any progress in Northern Ireland or just cause more disturbance between the two separations. One aspect of the agreement that has been fully implemented is the removal of the Irish Republics Territorial Claim. This is the part of the agreement that states that the Irish Government has no claim on Northern Ireland. This is a key part of the agreement because Northern Ireland finally does not have the Irish Government ruling them. ...read more.


I think that things haven't got better by have started to the fact that people understand that there is a problem in Northern Ireland and are trying to do things to help pays a big part in everything that happens because if everyone tried to ignore it the problems would just grow and grow. Although there have been a lot of breakthroughs there are still obstacles to over come. One being that the IRA won't decommission their weapons until the Unionists compromise. The problem with this is that the Unionists wont compromise until the IRA decommissions their weapons. People like Ian Paisley are still against peace at all costs and just want to win. In 1985 Ian Paisley spoke about his feelings about the Anglo-Irish treaty. "I would fight to the death to prevent a united Ireland". He still feels like this today and hopes one day the Protestants will win. This is also the view of other parties such as Sinn Fein although recently they have been willing to take part in peace talks. ...read more.

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