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The Greek Diaspora to Australia

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Migration is a word that can apply to anything anywhere. Whether you are a molecule, an animal or a human being, it is a process that will create a whole lot of change. For a human, going through migration, whether your choice or by being forced, it is often a difficult life changing process. In dictionary terms migration means to shift from one system to another. This has occurred since the beginning of time, people moving from one continent to an unfamiliar continent due to war, political issues, in search of a better life. One country, filled with spectacular history, good and bad, went through that life changing process and it was known as the Diaspora of Greece. The first Greek Australian citizens were two out of seven Greek convicts transported to Australia for piracy. ...read more.


Between 1947 and 1982 almost 250 000 Greeks arrived in Australia from mainland Greece, the Greek islands and other Greek communities. During Greek settlement in Australia the Greek Orthodox Church and many Clubs, Cultural Groups, schools and many other organizations played an important part in creating the Greek communities and preserving the Greek language and culture in Australia. They upheld many of the communal family and religious traditions, which they carried along with them from motherland Greece. The Easter traditions have especially been preserved, such as midnight mass, holy week and communion services. Another aspect of Easter that has been conserved is the Pre-Easter Forty Days of Lent and the regular weekly fasting. Other religious services include the Blessing of the Waters, which is held in every city of Australia by the many Orthodox Churches, observed by many Christians, also the Epiphany, Christmas and New Years traditions have been upheld. ...read more.


comedian, Nick Giannopoulos- actor, writer, stage, film and television producer, Tony Rafty- war artist and cartoonist Education: Prof Manuel Aroney- academic and human rights advocate Business: John Lazarou- businessman and philanthropist Sport: Mark Philippousis- tennis player, Anthony Koutoufides- Carlton AFL past Captain, Michael Diamond- Olympic shooter The Greeks have made an enormous contribution to Australian cultural and social life dating back to the two huge waves of migration in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. They have maintained a solid sense of Greek cultural expressions, traditions, festivals and family life. Numbering almost half a million, the Greek community in Australia comprises the second largest ethnic community after the Italians. The contribution of Greek settlers to the large industrial cities and other major urban centres modernised them by injecting new ideas into the economic, social and political life of their new environment. The role of Greek settlers has been vital in building the nation we have today. ...read more.

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