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The History of Bradford. How Undercliffe Cemetery display the values of the Victorians.

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´╗┐Bradford began as a minute village but at the turn of the 19thcentury the population increased at a rapid rate, this lead to death rates to augment which meant that a cemetery was urgently needed. Time took its toll and life in Bradford became worse and by 1854 the Undercliffe Cemetery was created. This cemetery contains such facets that are very idiosyncratic and display Victorian life in a unique way. The main focus of this paper will be on the different features of the site and how they support and contradict the Victorian values and attitudes, along with my research I will also be extracting evidence from the burial ground and analysing both primary and secondary sources in order to find out how the site has interpreted and shown the Victorian attributes Value 1: Social Status For those in the upper classes of society etiquette was an essential way of living, Victorian society was prominently concerned about every aspect of their life. From the moment the upper-class left their beds their day was ruled over by many do?s and don?ts. Victorian society although may have been strict on an array of rules, it could also be quite pleasant but only depending on your financial status. ...read more.


Although family values did appear to be harsh a very well-known British painter named William Powell Frith did a very good depiction of how important family was to the average Victorian family. His painting which was produced in 1856 and is named ?many happy returns of the day? suggests that Frith?s personal life was happy and yet secretive. It shows that although the household was important to the man of the house this didn?t deter him away from the Victorian hypocrisy. This interpretation of Victorian hypocrisy can be seen in the corner of the painting near the man himself he is seen sat next to another mistress with children from him, this suggests that family values obviously couldn?t have been as important to the husband as he may have made them out to be and scandals such as these were something that should have been avoided at all costs. This exact source regarding values of family in various ways contradicts what the cemetery is trying to display. The source has given me a different sort of understanding that the cemetery doesn?t provide although the burial ground shows one grave with family values it?s the source that shows the true life of Victorians whereas Undercliffe cemetery has a feature that although stands out it doesn?t 100% give accurate evidence of the importance of family values to Victorians. ...read more.


This source helps me understand that during the Victorian times the woman was supposed to keep herself busy and at the same time avoid doing chores or getting involved in business, finance or even politics they were allowed to have social gatherings and plan parties but they weren?t allowed to venture into the world of work. The cemetery shows that women were inferior but it doesn?t give any more information of what women went through during the Victorian times therefore it in some ways supports the cemetery. This value in the Victorian era helps me understand through both the sources and my own research that women did not receive any equality and to some extent the cemetery supports this evidence. In conclusion to all of the above Victorian values in which I have studied I can say that there are many features of Undercliffe Cemetery that support the attributes and many sources that were from that period of time that support and also contradict evidence seen at the cemetery. In my opinion I believe that although the burial ground?s features display Victorian attitudes and values to some extent they are quite inaccurate as they don?t give the full information as the true insight into the Victorian life. Therefore I believe that my own study of the sources and research has helped me understand the features of the cemetery that stand out. ...read more.

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