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The History of the Titanic.

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The history of the titanic The Titanic was the largest passenger ship of its time. Today, the ship is one of the most famous in maritime history, largely because of its sinking. The history of this grand ship best dates back to 1909. It was in 1909 that the construction of the Titanic really began. Construction for the Titanic began at the Harland and Wolf shipyard in Belfast. Under the guidance of the Titanic ship architect Mr Andrews the ship was gradually constructed over a 2 - 3 year period. Gradually the ship began to take shape as the hull was fitted in 1911 and four funnels were added. By 1912 the Titanic was all but complete. ...read more.


In April the maiden voyage of the Titanic would begin at Southampton. Captain E.J Smith would be the captain for this first, and last, voyage of the Titanic. The Titanic set sail with over 2,000 boarding the ship. The ship first headed to France before it began its run across the Atlantic. It covered more than half its stretch, and the Titanic therefore lasted four days of its voyage. During this trip it is believed that Mr Ismay, a Managing Director of White Star Line, encouraged the captain to try and speed the Titanic's trip so that it would arrive at its destination ahead of schedule. As such, many consider this to be why there was a lack of caution in freezing iceberg waters. ...read more.


With this, the Titanic's fate was sealed. Captain Smith met with Mr Andrews to discuss the impact. It soon became clear that the ship had to abandoned and so the captain duly gave the orders to evacuate. During the evacuation the Titanic shot flares out to alert nearby ships to the Titanic. Some of these flares were in fact ignored by the likes of the California which mistakenly considered them to be Titanic party fireworks. In addition to this, the ships that did arrive arrived somewhat too late. The Titanic disappeared from the ocean, and the hundreds of survivors were picked up. Today, it is almost 100 years since the Titanic sinking, and 2012 will be the 100th anniversary of the Titanic. As such, anniversary commemorations are planned with the opening of the Titanic Quarter in Belfast among others. ...read more.

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