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The hitler youth

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"Explain the Purpose and Nature of the Hitler Youth" The Hitler youth was founded in 1922 by Gustav Adolf Lenck. He was enspired to join the Nazi's but was underage, so he created the Hitler Youth .It was aimed at pure bred Aryans, of the ages; fourteen to eighteen. He wanted complete control of the Germans youth from the instant they were born. There was only one voice of reason Hitler wanted in the childrens minds - his. There were two sects of the youth, male and female, each with a siginfacantly different aims. The boys were the future protectors and enforces of Hitler whereas the girls were the breeders of the supreme race. ...read more.


The textbooks and their questions were even devoted to warfare and Germans aliens/foreigners. As soon as they got home they went to the the Hitler youth, here the boys would do extreme amounts of PE to create robust - well sclupted soldiers, they would be tought to read maps, go shooting, and go camping (by doing fun activites such as these Hitler kept the childrens intrest and made them want more) learn sciences and maths which revolved around warfare as well as speechs made by camp leaders. By bombarded the boys with Nazi ideologies to the young Aryans they would take these morals to heart and hold them strong, this also gave them know room to think for themselves guarenteing a united ...read more.


Hitler's use of positive propaganda helped promote the Youth and enforced what they learnt like the dangers of the Jew. This combined with brutal repression of any opposition were extremely important factors to ensure there was as little as possible opposition to the Nazis and that the correct Nazi message was broadcast into the German people. He also encouraged all kids to inform the head of their youth camp if anyone even their parents was belittling or disagreeing with their Nazi act and philosophy. By doing this it shows the children were meant to regard their 'Fuhrer' as a God - more important than any relative or friend. Hitler realized that the children were the future and grasped them young enough to ensure a vigorous strong pure Germany as it had been previously. ...read more.

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