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The Hitler Youth.

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The Hitler Youth The Nazis wanted all youths to join a group called the Hitler youth. Many children thought this to be a the best thing that could happen as it was free and was very useful towards them; other has better things to do with their time. The children who did not like or appreciate the idea of the Hitler youth came to make their own groups or clubs. The Nazis succeeded in killing off other official youth organizations, such as those, which had once been attached to the SPD. In the late 1930's, and during the period of the Second World War, several new youth groups developed in Germany. Their members were rebellious and behaved in ways, which the Nazi officials saw as a real threat. The main groups were the Navajos Gang, the Kittelbach Pirates and the Edelweiss Pirates. These groups were dead set against the Hitler youth. Their main activity was to ambush and beat up Hitler Youth patrols. The Nazi authorities were not too anxious to publicize this and therefore needed to be sorted out. ...read more.


They emphasized the power of the state and showed order. Once Hitler had passed the enabling act in 1933 and he had complete control over Germany he changed the law so that Goebbles could do whatever he liked. Goebbles controlled the media strictly, if you wanted to publish a book you had to get permission before publishing it. This was so that you could only read books with pro-Nazi themes and this would make people more loyal to the regime. In 1933 Goebbles organized a high profile book burning in which all books with unacceptable ideas were burnt. This was so that all the hard work the Nazis had put in to getting ideas in to peoples heads would not be undone and also to show that the Nazis were actually doing what they said they would do. Newspapers were not allowed to print anti-Nazi ideas and what they were allowed to print was strictly supervised. As a result the newspapers became quite repetitive, only talking about how great Hitler and the regime were. ...read more.


This happened, in history you could learn from your text book how the German army had been stabbed in the back by the weak politicians at the end of World War one and how during the twenty's the Jews had squeezed the honest hard working Germans for all that they had. In biology you would have found out how, as an Aryan, you were a superior person. In math you would have done sums to do with artillery ranges and other war related weapons. By the end of your schooling you would be completely convinced that believing in Hitler was the right thing to do. As well as school children were encouraged and then forced to join the Hitler Youth or League of Maidens. These were the only youth organizations as all the others were banned. For boys this consisted of learning skills for war such as marching, sleeping outdoors, looking after a rifle and learning loyalty to Hitler. For girls in the League of Maidens this would have consisted of learning to keep an efficient household and domestic duties. By doing this, the Nazis explained that a new Aryan race would shine through and become the dominant race above the sub humans. David Stone 28/04/2007 ...read more.

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