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The Holocaust

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The Holocaust AO1: a What does the word "Holocaust'' mean and why do some Jews prefer to use the term "Shoah''? The word Holocaust means 'burnt offering' or 'sacrifice'. This Jewish genocide was called this, mainly because the Nazis killed the majority of Jewish people by burning them. The word Shoah means whirlwind. This was the best way the Jews could explain the horrific event. AO1:b Describe what happened to the Jews of Europe in the 1930's and 40's. Before the Nazi's came to power, life for the Jews of Europe was just like any other. They worked, went to school, got married, played sport, the wealthy went on holidays and lived normal lives. It weren't until the Nazis came to power that all of this changed. They had experienced discrimination in previous generations, like in the middle Ages. Church Leaders blamed Jews for the death of Christ. So they were known as evil. Jewish people would experience oppression, expulsion and massacre. This went on in to the 19th century. Scientists would make up fake accounts and theories just too back up their anti Semitism. They have never been the most favourite of people. Nothing was as bad as to what was going to happen to them though. ...read more.


To France and Britain's disadvantage, Adolf, by this time had built up a strong disciplined and powerful army. He had swept across Poland in weeks, by using his Blitzkrieg policy. (Lightening war). This meant attacking strongly and quickly. They used the same plan a year later, but this time by attacking Scandinavia Holland, Belgium, and France. This again only took a few weeks, killing everything and anything in their way. 1940- The Jews of occupied Europe are forced to move to Ghettos. What were conditions like in the ghettos? Ghettos were streets in a run down area of a city, an awful place to live in. The living conditions were horrific. Starvation, disease and cramped conditions were all popular in the ghettos. People were fed two pieces of bread a day, if that. Eventually their skeletons began to show. They had no fat, just bone! People were so infested with disease and so hungry, they would literally drop dead. One of the worst possible ways to die, and it was happening to thousands of innocent people a day. 30,000 people lived in a ghetto which would only be meant for 7,000. This is how cramped it was! People would go to extremes just to survive, even the children would have to risk getting shot just to smuggle a slice of bread. ...read more.


State Dr Freisler: Reich Ministry of Justice Secretary of State Dr Buehler: Office of the Government General Under Secretary of State Dr Luther: Foreign Office SS-Oberf�hrer Klopfer: Party Chancellery Ministerialdirektor Kritzinger: Reich Chancellery SS-Gruppenf�hrer Hofmann: Race and Settlement Office SS-Gruppenf�hrer Mueller: Reich Main Security Office SS-Obersturmbannf�hrer Eichmann: Reich Main Security Office SS-Oberf�hrer Dr Schoengarth: Security Police and SD SS-Sturmbannf�hrer Dr Lange: Security Police and SD SS Obergruppenf�hrer Heydrich: Chief of the Security Police and SD All 16 were chosen by Eichmann. In Paragraph III, Eichmann states the following: "Another possible solution of the problem (of the Jews) has now taken the place of emigration, i.e. the evacuation of the Jews to the east, provided that the F�hrer gives the appropriate approval in advance. These actions are, however, only to be considered provisional, but practical experience is already being collected which is of the greatest importance in relation to the future final solution of the Jewish question. Approximately 11 million Jews will be involved in the final solution of the European Jewish question." If the Wannsee Conference had been something else other than the plan for the mass murder of Jews in Europe, then Adolf Eichmann would have had the opportunity to state this at his trial in Israel in 1961. Instead he defended himself by stating that he was simply obeying orders. ...read more.

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