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The impact of the Second World War on distinguished groups of the American people

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The impact of the Second World War on salient American groups of people The impact of the Second World War on the US economy The Second World War aided the withdrawal of the US from the Great Depression by facilitating the revitalisation of industry. The 1939 Cash & Carry Act boosted the US economy with instantaneous payments for War goods such as tanks and artillery, which contributed to the influx of America's financial resource. Moreover, staple industries such as coal, iron and steel were boosted by rearmament demands. In addition to the above, the government abandoned traditional policies such as laissez faire and rugged individualism, and controlled the economy centrally through organisations such as the War Production Board - they ensured that scarce resources such as tin, copper and rubber were only utilised for the war effort and consequently curtailed the production of consumer goods. They also instructed large corporations to convert to weapons manufacture in order to win lucrative contracts. As well as these industrial successes, the Second World War also revived the economy inasmuch as it ameliorated the GNP per capita of the US; the gross income of the average worker doubled and consequently increased demand and revenue in business which capacitated economic growth. ...read more.


This ongoing demand for workers also gave rise to female poster campaigns and these expos�s included a feminist icon called Rosie the Riveter, who was created by Norman Rockwell. She was featured on the Times magazine and her diligence and patriotism enhanced the independence and confidence of the women that she represented. Conversely, women had to endure ridicule and sexist remarks from men at work and were paid less than them for the same job, in all but four states, which strongly induced a sense of sexism in the workplace. The impact of the Second World War on the Civil Rights Movement Although over one million black Americans served their country in the Second World War, they were to remain in segregated units and there were only 12 black officers appointed during the war. As well as this, the preponderance were assigned menial or perilous jobs. However, in January 1942, President Roosevelt ordered the U.S. Navy and USMC to enlist Black Americans into their regular military units and therefore a very gradual increase in mixed-race combat units ensued - in 1944, many blacks fought gallantly at the Battle of the Bulge through this. ...read more.


This unanticipated attack entailed the belief that all Japanese-Americans were risks to national security, as potential spies, espionage and saboteurs and were subsequently given the soubriquet 'Intern Enemy Aliens'. Thus, General John DeWitt ordered that over 110,000 Japanese-Americans were to be removed from their homes in the West Coast of the USA, one third of whom were Issei while the other two-thirds were Nisei. From this, their estates were expropriated and were coerced into selling their possessions and lost $500 million altogether. President Franklin Roosevelt authorised the internment with the United States Executive Order 9066 in 1942 and rapidly constructed squalid housing facilities, called internment camps, which were in remote portions of the nation's interior. When the government asked whether internees wished to renounce their U.S. citizenship, 5,589 of them did so. Of those who renounced their citizenship, 1,327 were expatriated to Japan. Despite this, over 8,000 were conscripted to fight for the USA during the Second World War. As well as this, the 442nd Nisei Combat Regiment were given the most medals and honours of all US military combat units during the Second World War, which consolidated their repute after the second world war. ...read more.

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