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The Impact of the Versailles Treaty on Germany

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9-Sep-01 The Impact of the Versailles Treaty on Germany Why did so many Germans not expect a harsh Treaty? * Have set up a democratic republic (expect lenient treatment) Kaiser has gone + members are not responsible for conduct of war * Germany had huge problems: economic / political, expecting allies to pity them or help * Hadn't actually been defeated militarily - people didn't know * Population felt it was the leaders at fault + other nations (War Guilt Clause 231) ...read more.


force, no conscription, 6 warships, no subs., no heavy artillery - de-militarised Rhineland, only allowed 7 years service - army worse than Belgium * Economically - Saarland output to France, �6.6 billion reparations - not announced till 1921, Germany lost 10% industry, 15% agricultural land lost (East) * Psychologically - hard done by - population gutted (mainly from expectations) - leads to extremists, leads to national humiliation (war guilt + military weakening) didn't feel they had lost the war - Treaty was a diktat, forced to be signed in Paris - same rooms when in 1870 French surrendered to Germans - Hall of Mirrors John Maynard Keynes (British economist) ...read more.


German criticisms of Versailles * 'Doltchuss' - stab-in-the-back impact on undermining Weimar Regime - shouldn't have signed * Monsters (evil) signed the treaty - vindictive * Will lead to another war - revenge - leaders are insensitive - don't look forward * Treaty denied human rights - no self-determination * Encourages opposition - made Germans hostile idea of rightful place - Germany should be great, Versailles represses Germany's rightful status * Germany lost its international status (due to France) - Germany has been split up into two * Military criticism * * * * ...read more.

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