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The importance of the WSPU between 1903-1914.

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The importance of the WSPU between 1903-1914 The WSPU, proved themselves to be very determine to succeed in what they did. They did a great deal for the women's suffrage movement and without their strength and determination I believe it would have taken women longer to gain the vote. Some do say that this group of women went the wrong way about it, but in the end they brought themselves publicity attention, and got their campaign noticed nation wide. The use of violence and protests in their campaign did numerous of times end them up imprisoned, but this showed how involved they were within the campaign and how nothing was going to stop them. ...read more.


With the information I received from the sources and my own research I have found that the WSPU maybe did go to far, but many didn't take the campaign seriously, many found it funny and would make a joke from the whole campaign. When they started to be force-fed and when the women would end up imprisoned for their actions. These actions that the WSPU participated in were very different from other women suffrage groups, the NUWSS where totally against using violence, and they made that clear in their demonstrations, however many people especially members of the WSPU thought that the NUWSS wasn't getting anywhere, and they needed to gain attention to themselves so they could change things for women. ...read more.


This Act provided that every female person had the right to vote if she was: * A British subject, * At least 21 years of age * Possessed the same qualifications, which would entitle a male person to vote in the province in which she resided. This act provided the provinces some control over the right to vote in federal elections (ie.property requirements). The Dominion By-Elections Act of 1919 gave women, for the first time, the right to be elected to Federal Parliament. So with the actions that took place between 1903 and 1914, this helped them achieve the vote in 1918. The WSPU had a great deal to do with this, and between the time before the war they were successful in the long run in the women's suffrage campaign. Elizabeth Dye ...read more.

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