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The Jewish migration from Germany during the second world war.

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Mass Migration. The Jewish migration from Germany during the second world war. The migration of the Jewish people out of Germany from 1933 to the fall of Hitler was a forced migration in the sense that the Jewish people had no other option other than eventual death which was the holocaust. The migration was also international as the Jewish people couldn't stay in Germany as this wasn't allowed. It was a periodic migration as it happened once and isn't happening in the mass quantities as before. It was also a permanent migration as the Jewish people weren't allowed back unless the wanted to be involved in the Holocaust. ...read more.


Many German communities banded together and tried to force all the Jews out of the town and get them to emigrate. The government took measures to try and pressure the Jews into leaving, such as taking away all their services. This caused many Jews to leave the country to others, but some Jews rallied together and tried to create the services that they hold lost to the government. Many Jews were gathered and forced to emigrate to other countries as Hitler said they had no place in Germany. The largest of these mass emigrations was in Berlin were 55,000 Jews gathered to be deported. ...read more.


Many Jews defied the law in the initial mass emigration and others hid when the Jews were sent to the ghettos, it was said that some 19,000 Jews lived underground during the second world war. Many of the Jews moved to other European countries as refugees, were they never had the same lives they had in Germany and lived as outcasts till the fall of the Nazi empire where some Jews moved back to Germany to rebuild their community although it is said that the Jewish community was on 5% what it was before the war. The Jewish people fled to other European countries which weren't under Nazi rule. Alex Moses 13S ...read more.

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