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The Ku Klux Klan

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The KKK's Views On Immigrants The two major events that led to the Klan's rebirth in the new century were. The large influx of immigrants numbering about 23 million people mostly from Europe. The fears were that the foreigners were taking the jobs and housing from the 'true' American people. People, against the KKK argued that because America was such a large country with vast and diverse resources, the people should be more than happy to share with those from less fortunate countries. There are also advantages to additions to the population, as once the immigrants settle in to America they can open up their own businesses for example, and actually be useful to provide wealth to America. Opponents of the Klan's views also argue that immigrants should be allowed into the U.S.A and treated well, as the Statue of Liberty welcomes them. The nation was feeling invaded by the foreigners. The sheer number of immigrants pouring into America was also one of the KKK's biggest arguments against them, because they were over-powering white American neighborhoods and over-crowding the schools. The other event was World War One and the fact that black were allowed to serve in the army and were able to see a hole new world of possibilities ("A Hundred Years of Terror"). ...read more.


Public opinion had also changed and the public was now against the Klan. The Ku Klux Klan and the Catholics The Klan opposes everything that appears to represent modernization For example, short dresses; short skirts, modern dance, alcohol and laxity were all interfering with their fundamental values. In fact, they support a literal interpretation of the Bible. The Klansmen declare that America is Protestant and want to stay Protestant. The Ku Klux Klan also saw the immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe as lazy and illiterate and thought that they would shame America. As America was the wealthiest and most developed country, the KKK thought these immigrants would let the country down. The Klan also hated immigrants from Italy, as they were Catholic. This meant they would follow the Pope and not the American government and President, and would not be loyal to America The Ku Klux Klan and Jewish In 1926, the leader of the time explains: The Jews presence disturbs the Klansmen. Jewish people are a complex problem and their talents are large, they give a lot to the country where they live. However, the Jews defend themselves thanks to their communal organization. Obviously, the Ku Klux Klan still defends the principle of white supremacy and he fears the different races' threats. Since the early development of society in the United States, racism has always been an issue faced by communities on a political level. ...read more.


Also a strong family value was to protect their wives because they look after the children and bring them up. They did not want any inter-racial marriages because poison their pure white race. For a decent reputation the Klan had done a lot of charity work, like helping poor white families, and giving them food. But it was only ever white people who got help from the KKK Conclusion I have realized that there are many arguments for and against the Ku Klux Klan's actions and beliefs, with both sides giving good cases for their arguments in their own way. But I do favor the opponent's arguments which for me are stronger than the Klan's, as the black's, and the immigrants never did anything wrong, which means they did not deserve what happened to them and how they were treated. There could have been many other ways the problems could have been dealt with, but unfortunately the Klan took advantage of their power and caused many horrible things to happen with America. It seemed the Klan could never take the blame for anything and their scapegoats were the foreign people for the problems that were caused where they didn't no who to blame, because they were the easy targets. The Klan was the most controversial organization ever, and didn't really understand this, but from an outsiders point of view it was obvious that there believes were easily debatable and not morally correct. ...read more.

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