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The League failed in the 1930(TM)s because it faced greater challenges than in the 1920(TM)s

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"The League failed in the 1930's because it faced greater challenges than in the 1920's" I disagree with this statement because the League faced just as many difficult challenges in the 1920's as well as the 1930's. I think one of the reasons as to why it had failed in the 1930's was because most people had lost faith in the League because of some decisions made in the 1920's. The incident in Corfu with Mussolini is a good example of this because Mussolini manipulated the League members into changing the unanimous decision made by the League. From this incident other countries saw that even the "World Police" could not control some countries and that sense of collective security had gone just as fast as it had come, as different countries could "get away with murder" and nothing would be done about it. ...read more.


The depression had hit Japan badly, the USA wasn't buying any of her silk and therefore her economy was struggling and there was a shortage of food and money. There was little flat land so Japan couldn't grow its own food. The Japanese army had a solution to this problem and it was to invade China, which was rich with resources. The Japanese had a railway line running through Manchuria in China, which helped them import and export goods. The Japanese controlled the South Manchurian Railway and in September 1931 Japan claimed the Chinese soldiers had sabotaged the Manchurian Railway. The Japanese army then overran Manchuria and removed all Chinese forces. ...read more.


Britain and France didn't want to send their army over to Japan so it couldn't physically remove Japan from China. Japan got away with this incident with just a telling off from the League! This incident set the ball rolling and after the incident Mussolini and Hitler looked on with interest and followed Japan's example knowing that they wouldn't be punished. Mussolini invaded Abyssinia and Hitler started the second World War! Both in the 1920's and the 1930's the League couldn't control the major countries and only settled disputes between minor countries. However in the 1930's there were a lot more factors to consider which made settling challenging disputes in normal circumstances even harder. This is why I disagree with the statement. ...read more.

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