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The long march using Source B

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Question 2: Study source B, why did the Long March begin? Use Source B and your own knowledge. 'We ourselves at the beginning did not know we were going on the Long March, and that it was going to be such a big thing' (Source B) The Long March was a huge military withdrawal made by the CCP to escape the GMD's Fifth Extermination Campaign from the Jianxi Soviet in 1934. However as the quote suggests it was not an isolated event. The Long March was a result of long and short-term factors each with different social, political and military purposes. It was a 30 year procedure that lead resulted in the occurrence of the long march. ...read more.


therefore China's new status as a republic created a power struggle as both groups tried to promote their different ideas for China. This important long-term factor would eventually build up with the Long March in 1934. As a result of these different political views, both parties appealed to different groups of people. The GMD appealed to the educated and the Landowners, as they were a part of a higher class in society compared to the majority, the poor peasants who were under the influence of Zedong that came from a similar background. This led to continuing friction between the two parties. The GMD wanted a democratic future for China, whereas the CCP planned to give the lands back to the poor peasants. ...read more.


This is when Zedong decided to break out into the base of peasant support in the countryside. However, the GMD used a 'Blockhouse', which restricted the CCP as it completely isolated the Jianxi Soviet. The movement out of the base was successful, but cost many of the men their lives. This movement out of the bases was the catalyst, which started the Long March. In conclusion, I believe that it was the different political views of the two parties that caused the long march, just as the source suggests. The break out of the CCP was just a trigger that lead to a confrontation with the GMD just as the source illustrates. Word count: 607. ...read more.

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