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The main aspect of the economic boom of the 1920's was the new assembly line production method.

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Ben Hewison USA Coursework Question One The main aspect of the economic boom of the 1920's was the new assembly line production method. This developed industries because with the assembly line it was easier to produce things, or to have them mass-produced. This was cheaper and more effective. New sales methods were also invented, people could start to buy things they couldn't afford on credit, or have purchased this was where they paid in separate payments. New technology, meant there were less labour costs, and machinery was quicker. New advertising methods, in cinemas and films showed off new dress styles and smoking of cigarettes, this gave people new thoughts too be in with fashion and they became more confident. The new mass-produced, cars lead people to greater mobility by 1929, over 5,622,000 cars were sold. The impact of 1st world war gave American manufacturers a chance to become rich, selling things to Europe. Lots of more jobs became available there was almost full employment and 40% - 60% of people became richer. The car industry changed a lot of people's lifestyles. ...read more.


The advertisements lead to more people wanted consumer goods this helped the boom. Mail order catalogues were produced. This could help you get things before you could afford them and the industries could keep producing them. Radio was the main entertainment it had the news, stories, soap operas for the women in the afternoons. In between breaks it would advertise goods which mainly appealed to women which would ensure industries that people wanted more and more consumer goods. In 1920s because of the war gave women opportunities to work. Women went to work and started to earn money just like the men, they could become more independent and more women worked in industry. The women who went to work helped the American economy, from buying more cosmetics clothes and electrical appliances to help with housework to save time. There were more jobs for women because the economy was doing well. Women got the chance to vote in the 20's and gave them more opportunities. ...read more.


The cars lead people around easier and Jazz, people wanted the new fashionable clothes which lead to changes in the economic factors. Not every one benefited from the boom - US farmers saw a fall in income after European countries recovered from the effects of the war and no longer was in demand for us wheat. Not many farmers did not own their land they were called sharecroppers and weren't able to make enough money to pay rent, many went bankrupt. America had emerged from world war one with a strong economy. America itself had not been attacked and did not have to rebuild itself like European countries. Production methods such as the assembly line meant that more goods could be produced quicker and cheaper. Hire purchase agreement or credit so Americans can buy things they couldn't afford. Advertising industry took off and people were persuaded to buy through billboards, magazines, cinemas and radio advertisements. Taxes were placed on goods entering the USA. This made American goods cheaper and the economic boom led to low employment, high wages and cheaper goods meaning people had more money to spend. ...read more.

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