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The most important factor in the development of penicillin was its necessity in World War 2. Do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer.

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'The most important factor in the development of penicillin was its necessity in World War 2'. Do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer. There were many people who contributed to the development of penicillin which finally was used in World War 2. There were many casualties from the war and doctors needed a new drug which could have cured them more quickly. It was then when eventually the discovery of penicillin was introduced and bought into action for the casualties which became a successful new drug saving many lives. Alexander Fleming was the first man who discovered penicillin from a living organism which could kill bacteria or could at least stop them from growing. In 1928 Fleming began his work on staphylococci which was germs that made wounds septic. By chance one day Fleming noticed mould that was growing on some Petri dishes. He noticed that the germs were growing around the mould. ...read more.


The government and British chemical industry were too busy in making explosives for the war to provide facilities and resources that Florey and Chain needed to make large amounts. In the US, Pearl Harbour gave financial help to Howard Florey in 1941. In 1943 Britain was able to produce mass productions of penicillin and by the time it came to 1944, there was enough penicillin to treat all the wounded allied forces in Europe. Better methods of mass productions led to the reduction in cost but that took place after the war. Soon after, penicillin was used to treat many diseases. The development of penicillin in the early 1940s led to the award of the Nobel Prize. I think that all the factors linked together because if Fleming by chance didn't notice the mould growing then he would have been able to use his individual genius thinking and keeping some of the mould and growing some more because if we saw mould we would just throw it away whilst Fleming was a genius and kept some and did further observations. ...read more.


Penicillin was very limited at first but by World War 2 it was being mass produced by the American drugs industry and was being given to all soldiers and was being used all over the world for various diseases. The necessity of penicillin in World War 2 became the most important factor in the development of penicillin because the government became prepared to grant money for research and production because of the vast number of wounded soldiers. So, I agree and think that the most important factor in the development of penicillin was its necessity in World War 2 because soldiers were in need of it the most because of the wounds from the war and many soldiers were being injured which meant that more and more penicillin was needed which was why penicillin became so necessary and was being used all around the world. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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