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The Most Important Factor that helped Hitler to strengthen his control over Germany in 1933-1934 was the Reichstag Fire’ Do you agree, explain your answer ?

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The Most Important Factor that helped Hitler to strengthen his control over Germany in 1933-1934 was the Reichstag Fire' Do you agree, explain your answer ? Hitler's cunning and exquisite plan to strengthen his control over Germany, and present himself as the F�hrer of Germany, was more than a mono-causal factor. He carefully engineered his moves, to gain the legal dictatorship, which started internally to destroy the fabric of democracy and Weimar. The Reichstag Fire was the first in a series of moves which Hitler used to his advantage to become a legal dictator. Hitler needed a majority 2/3 in the March Elections, as this would allow him to change the constitution. A Dutch communist fanatic was found with arson equipment as the Reichstag began to crumble under the fire. ...read more.


Hitler used the Catholics and the Centr�m party to gain his majority. Only the SPD voted against it, which meant that Hitler had achieved his 2/3 majority. This law gave Hitler dictatorial power for four years, making the Reichstag obsolete and eliminated the need for him to consult the President, therefore he could pass any law, at his free will and it was legal! Hitler had still not made his position completely secure, the Army were still loyal to the constitution, and were cynical of the SA and its leader R�hm. Hitler had control over local government and the police. R�hm did not believe that this revolution was complete, and he wanted the Nazis to fully control every aspect of German life, he also wanted to make the thuggish, indiscipline SS into the second Army. ...read more.


and homes of other leading SA members, and generally anyone who opposed Hitler, they eventually were executed. This relived the Army of the pressure, and in return they promised to support Hitler after Hidenburg. People accepted the rubbish that Hitler fed them about the Night of the Long Knifes, as they really hated the SA. All these factors are linked together, to understand the becoming of Hitler to supreme power. The Reichstag fire allowed Hitler to clear out communist opposition before the elections, which allowed him to gain a majority. This gave him the power to pass laws for another four years, in the time afterwards he carefully removed all competitors of the Nazis party and himself in the Night of the Long Knifes. These acts gave him greater strength in Germany, and he became 'der F�hrer' supreme leader. ...read more.

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