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The most important reason why Hitler was able to come to power in Germany was due to the effects of the depression(TM). How far do you agree with this statement?

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The most important reason why Hitler was able to come to power in Germany was due to the effects of the depression'. How far do you agree with this statement? In 1920 Hitler seized control of the German Workers Party changing its name to the National Socialist Workers Party; the Nazis. In 1923 he was arrested for attempting to overthrow the Weimar Government, two years later when was released he honed his oratorical skills and worked tirelessly for the advancement of the Nazi party. Advancement was slow throughout 1925 to 1929; however as Wall Street crashed and the American banks demanded their payments, popularity for the Nazi party rose as they promised return to glory for the nation. In 1932 the Nazis one 37.3% of the popular vote and occupied 230 seats in the Reichstag. By 1933 Adolf Hitler had gained power over Germany. In this essay I will look at how Hitler had gained the support of the German public and whether 'the most important reason why Hitler was able to come to power in Germany was due to the effects of the depression.' ...read more.


In 1932 the Nazis failed again to get majority seats in the Reichstag. Von Papen who was chancellor at the time could not get the support he needed in the Reichstag. Von Papen was then overthrown by Von Schleicher. In 1933 Hindenburg and Von Papen persuaded Hindenburg to replace Von Schleicher with Hitler. With Hitler as chancellor they had the support of the Nazi party, believed they could influence and control him, but they were wrong. Hitler now had control of the Reichstag. This is a fairly important reason as to how Hitler came to power, as without Hindenburg and Von Papen putting him in that position; in terms of the number of seats the Nazis held in the Reichstag he didn't have the majority vote he needed to take power. If Von Papen and Hindenburg hadn't made Hitler chancellor for the support of the Nazis, he wouldn't have been made chancellor in 1933 as Nazi support was starting to decline. The Nazi party gave the appearance of a strong and stable party, Hitler especially was able to influence people heavily with his talents for public speaking, and his public speaking earned him popularity and the support of the German people. ...read more.


The depression is an important reason to how Hitler came to power as the effects of the Wall Street crash sent the Weimar into turmoil, support for the Nazi party began to increase heavily. However the depression and the weaknesses are heavily linked together as the depression contributed heavily to the failings of the Weimar government, before the depression the government had been fairly successful. In conclusion, I agree with the statement 'the most important reason Hitler came to power was due to the effects of the depression' but only to a certain extent as I believe that the effects of the depression had a chain effect which caused some of the other reasons for Hitler coming to power which may not have happened had there not been the depression. Mainly the failings of the Weimar government, as they were heavily criticised for their inability to deal with the effects depression effectively. Also Hitler may not have been able to come to power if Hindenburg and Von Papen had not put him into the position of power in the first place believing they would be able to control him, as the Nazi's did not hold enough of the seats to take majority rule ...read more.

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