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The most important reason why the League of Nations failed was because it had no army. How far do you agree?

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´╗┐Essay: The most important reason why the League of Nations failed was because it had no army. How far do you agree? The League of Nations was an organization set up by President Woodrow Wilson (U.S.A) its aims were to stop wars, improve peoples lives and jobs, to get every country to disarm and to enforce the treaty of Versailles. I agree that one of the reasons that the League failed was because it had no army. I don?t agree that it having no army was the most important reason. There were lots of reasons why the League of Nations failed, some more important than others. The League was conceived under President Wilson and the therefore all countries saw it connected to the treat of Versailles. The treaty of Versailles was a harsh treaty and not many countries really supported it. This internal mistake started the League off badly as people were already starting to dislike it. ...read more.


These problems were internal and very significant. They led to problems when the needed to act quickly, for example in Manchuria and in Abyssinia. The organization of the League was not suited to dealing with crises. We see that when the League were forced to deal with Japan, Italy and Germany. In Japan, Japan decided it needed to expand it?s population and invade Manchuria. As the League had no army it could do nothing about it. Everyone (including Japan) had to agree on the punishment. In the end, everyone agreed except for Japan so it was denied. The League was slow and dealt with the problem in a not very satisfactory way. Here, the problem was external but the way the League of Nations dealt with it was internal and people started to lose faith in the League. Another external problem that the League dealt with badly was Germany. Germany complained that only Germany had started to disarm. The League tried to get other members to disarm but failed. ...read more.


The organizational problems were much more significant than the absence of an army. The next factor that I would like to talk about is internal and we encountered traces of it in Abyssinia with the Hoare- Laval plan. The ?self-first? policies. The League was dominated by Britain and France which both had different ideas. Neither was prepared to take action if it would damage their own country. Again, supporting the organizational problem, the League?s members were not fully committed. Lastly, the Great Depression. The League had no control over it, therefore external. It made countries want to expand and worry about themselves first and not world peace. This is a less significant factor but played it?s part in making sure the League failed. It suggests that again, rather than putting the League first, they put their own countries. In conclusion I believe that the army did play a part in the League?s failure but that is the most it did. The organizational problems were far worse and cause other problems. The army was minimal compared to the organization and that is as far as it gets. ...read more.

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