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The most important reason why there was little opposition in Germany towards the Nazi regimes was its use of Propaganda

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a) 'The most important reason why there was little opposition in Germany towards the Nazi regimes was its use of Propaganda' Explain how far you agree with this statement. Propaganda has always been one of the most powerful weapons during war time. Hitler mastered this art by surrounding himself with individuals who were very skilful at the development and production of propaganda; people such as Goebbels. The Nazi's quickly realized the values of the media. From the early days of the party they used aggressive advertising to promote the Nazi Ideology. Hitler realized that the psychological shock of the economic depression on the German people created emotions such as fear, resentment, despair, the longing for reassurance; these were the most important issues for Hitler to consider. He managed to reassure the nation through the use of propaganda. Posters were used predominantly to persuade the German population to join the armed forces however they were also used to urge the German citizens to conserve materials for war efforts. Moreover they were used to demonstrate the importance of labour. Hitler was also aware of foreign spies and therefore produced, through Goebbels, a whole collection of poster depicting the power of spies, and making the German citizens think that spies were everywhere and anywhere. There were two main reasons why the Nazis used posters. ...read more.


In addition to this Himmler, head of the SS, took over the regular (non party) police gaining more authority, than ever, over the German public. After this The SA and the Gestapo went from door to door to find anybody who was against the Nazi regimes. They arrested many Communists, Socialist and Trade Union leaders who went against the Nazi's; many of these people were murdered. The Hitler Youth - Hitler used the Youth to bring up a generation that believed and responded in the way he wanted, automatically. Hitler turned a whole generation around so that it became a very physically strong youth. Everything was changed to teach children all the information Hitler wanted them to know and none of the information that they didn't. Hitler even went as far as to change nursery rhymes to reflect what the Nazi's believed in. It was primarily a way of indoctrinating the youth to believe in the Nazi regimes and to convince and convert their parents to believe the same thing. As well as creating an army without the questions and prevention from other countries (because of the Treaty of Versailles banning Germany from having a proper army) Being a Good Leader - Hitler couldn't just use propaganda to show the nation what he wanted them to be like and what benefits he could give them, he actually had to speak to them and without him being able to talk to the nation this would have never happened. ...read more.


This was good for Hitler as well, as he decreased the percentages of unemployment and was also getting more and more weaponry for the war ahead. Hitler therefore managed to create an economic Boom. Then lastly there is 'Propaganda'. Propaganda backed up both the carrot and the stick as it used the ideas behind both of them. Without the basis of 'the Carrot' and 'the stick' propaganda wouldn't have made sense to the people. Propaganda stretched right across Germany, the Nazis took over Radio and Film, and would only promote Nazi messages. They also stopped the production of newspapers and only released the papers that benefited the Nazis. Many Propaganda films came out such as "The Triumph of the Will" and "The Eternal Jew". Then after the successes of the German nation at the Olympics the film "Olympia" came out. Hitler also ordered statues of German heroes to be made for the German people to have someone to aspire to be. Therefore, I think that all three factors must be taken into consideration. Alone none of would have been very effective and the Nazis would have faced many opposition marches, and many people would have rebelled. By enforcing all three together, it made the Germans fear the Nazis but also believe that if they suck to Nazi regimes there way of life and the strength of Germany would be restored. ?? ?? ?? ?? History Coursework Nazi Germany Katie Russell 1 ...read more.

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