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"The Nazi's achieved electoral success by appealing to the worst aspects of the German character." - Discuss.

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"The Nazi's achieved electoral success by appealing to the worst aspects of the German character." - Discuss The penalties enforced on Germany after World War One were harsh and the German public had taken the treaties very badly in social and economical terms. Germany was low in morale and vulnerable during the Weimar Germany as the people saw no hope for the future with the terms of treaties such as Versailles; it was virtually impossible for them to prosper, however a strong urge to rise up again was very much apparent especially due to influences from political parties such as the NSDAP (also known as the nazi party). The Nazi's commonly used themes, which appealed to the German electorate like their use of propaganda was effective as it drew attention to all sorts of categories. ...read more.


German society at this time was disintegrated into sectional components, and the Nazi's tried to represent all social groups (e.g. Peasants/Doctors/Lawyers/Teachers/Working class/War pensioners.) The nazi's worked their way through these different social groups and successfully achieved electoral rise. The themes that the party was associated with included militarism, nationalism, authoritarianism, anti-Semitism and racism. In militaristic terms the party aimed to increase its army again, gain back any lost and de-militarised land under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. Therefore a keen electoral success was achieved in areas of The Palatinate as the area in which they lived in made them feel vulnerable and bitter. Other areas, which were influenced by Nazism included Bavaria and Franconia. ...read more.


The Mittlestrand consisted of small businesses, farmers, miners, construction workers and domestic servants. The Mittlestrand wanted a reaction against department stores, big businesses, trade unionists and high government taxes. The Nazi's appealed to the 'Mittlestrand' directly by mentioning an improvement for their lives in their 'nazi party programme.' The Nazi's appealed to the 'Mittelstrand' because the Parliamentary Government system wasn't strong and failed to represent them, therefore the 'Mittelstrand' voted for the Nazi party. Overall the Nazi party achieved electoral success by taking advantage of the social and economical issues which derived after World War One. The depression of the Wall Street Crash, the harsh terms of the treaty of Versailles which made life a struggle for very German in some way or another were all potential causes to the achievement of electoral success for the Nazi party. The events, which occurred in Germany shaped the Nazi Party's success. ...read more.

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