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The New Deal.

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The New Deal Before the 1932 election, Roosevelt had promised the people of America a 'New Deal' that would help them to recover the effects of the Great Depression. It had lasted four long years, and had caused suffering for the American people. When Roosevelt had taken office as the President Of The United States in 1933 he put the New Deal into order. The New Deal took action to bring about immediate economic relief in areas such as industry, agriculture, finance, waterpower, labour and housing. The aims that Roosevelt wanted to achieve with his New Deal was firstly to spend billions of dollars on creating jobs to be of use for the thousands unemployed in America, due to the depression. Another aim of Roosevelt's was to rebuild trade and industry in as many companies and businesses as possible to get the American Economy up and running once again. His final aim was to improve the lives of the ordinary Americans. To help them to acquire a fair and well-paid job to look after their families and to have an overall, better quality of life. In his first one hundred days of presidency, Roosevelt introduced his first New Deal, and established a host of Alphabet Agencies. They were so named, for their abbreviations. ...read more.


This great effort of conservation and reforestation benefited not only the nation, but also the men themselves. The average enlistment for an employee in one of these camps was ten months. The CCC had many camps in the El Paso area, including those in Fabens, Ascarate, Ysleta and Elephant Butte in New Mexico. CCC workers completed major improvements at Elephant Butte. Including the planting of four thousand, five hundred trees and building a clubhouse. Campsites, cabins and a playground. They also widened and straightened roads around the dam and built several new stretches of roads. The aims achieved by the CCC were that money up to sums of millions of dollars were being spent to get young, healthy men to work with the CCC to be involved in reforestation and conservation of the country. Also the lives of ordinary Americans were being improved by the effort in improving the countryside to make it a better, healthier and more enjoyable area to live. People would be able to use or enjoy the things that had been made or built such as the forest. The Public Works Administration (PWA) was established by the NIRA in 1933. It was intended both for industrial recovery and unemployment relief. Eventually over four billion dollars was spent on thirty four, thousand construction projects including things such as public buildings, highways, bridges or dams for water and power. ...read more.


This would mean better products would be made. Ordinary American lives would also have been improved like the farmers. They would be working in better conditions, and probably making more money because of it. Finally, money was spent to make jobs in the farm. There was also the Farm Security Administration (FSA). This was used to set up temporary housing for 'Okies' and 'Arkies' who were refugees from Oklahoma and Arkansas, who migrated to California in hope of finding work. The aim was to provide a better quality of life for these American people in giving them houses to live in. They were given the opportunity to find a job themselves whilst living a temporary but stable condition. The Fair Labours Act provided the last major piece, of the New Deal legislation in 1938. This important labour law set minimum wage (twenty five cents an hour) and a maximum standard (establishing the forty hour work week). It also severely curbed the use if child labour. Finally, the aims that Roosevelt achieved with this alphabet agency of the Second New Deal were trade and industry being rebuilt, as a standard for wages was set, leaving all businesses with a fair and economical wage for all their employees. And, lives of the Americans were improved because no one working could be cheated in their job of what wage to get. Everyone would be treated as an equal in the work place. Emma Carey ...read more.

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