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The New Deal - Roosevelt.

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There has been so much controversy over the New Deal because Roosevelt was different from all other presidents, unlike other presidents who preferred to allow people to survive on there own Roosevelt decided that he would use the government to control otherwise privately owned businesses. He also decided that he was going to help any people that were in economic difficulty, by either providing new jobs or by providing benefits. This upset many people especially the owners of the major businesses, they believed that people should help themselves by working harder and that if the government provided any help then the people would loose the will to work. We are also told this in source J when S.B Fuller who was a self made business man says; "A dog you feed will not hunt. ...read more.


Also some people believed that it wasn't Roosevelt who helped put the unemployed American people back into work but it was the outbreak of war which created jobs for every man and woman. For example in source C an American historian says; "The cities were filling with jobless workers. Taxes were rising. The debt was soaring. The war rescued him and he seized it like a drowning man." This is another person who disagrees with the New Deal he believes that the only reason the New Deal didn't completely fail was because America entered into war providing jobs for everyone. However this again is argued against in another source was another historian writes about how the New Deal rebuilt America; "First comes the restoration of self-confidence. Those who lived through the spring of 1933 will remember the change from depression and discouragement to excitement and hope." ...read more.


This is one of the main reasons of the disagreement over the effects of the New Deal. Another reason that people disagreed with the New Deal was the amount of money it used. Although the New Deal put a lot of unemployed people back into work it cost the country millions of dollars. This can be seen in source E which shows a cartoon of Roosevelt and his New Deal pump, the pump has many holes in and is leaking water which represents the amount of money that was wasted on the New Deal. These two factors together caused the disagreement about the New Deal, the poor unemployed thought it was a great help, but the rich businessmen believed that it was taking away the will for the poor to go out and find new jobs. ...read more.

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