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The New Deal was not a complete success." Explain How far you agree with this statement.

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"The New Deal was not a complete success." Explain How far you agree with this statement. "A complete success." This implies that the New Deal achieved every one of its aims, which were set out. It also implies that it had no faults or failures. Roosevelt's main aims were Relief, Recovery and Reform. Urgent action had to be taken and it needed to work if America was going to survive the disaster, which had occurred. Did Roosevelt achieve Relief, Recovery and Reform? Did he achieve this with out any failures along the way? A complete success means that there is absolutely nothing wrong with something. It was or is perfect. However I do not believe that it is possible to achieve this. Overall, I believe that the New Deal was a success, but not a complete success. Roosevelt had taken control of a huge responsibility similar to a captain taking control of a damaged ship. He had to steer America back to safety and normality. On this epic voyage there were ice burgs to dodge, big ones. If he were to crash into the ice burg he would have failed, if he dodged most of them escaping with little damage to the vessel then he had been a success. ...read more.


This was just after the second New Deal had been drafted and presented to Americans. I think that morale had rise considerably in America as Americans did think that they were on the road back to prosperity. Up until that time Roosevelt had steered the aforementioned ship well. Some people did not agree with his policies, however they could not argue that thus far Roosevelt was doing a moderately good job, unemployment was dropping and the quality of life was on the up. The American people did not want to risk another president whilst things were looking steadily better. Also, there was not a great deal of opposition to Roosevelt and so not a great deal of choice for the American voter. However, things went downhill after this great high, Roosevelt continued to argue with the Supreme Court and the Spirit of Reform was never recovered. Depression and War loomed large. Failures: If the First New Deal was such a great success in the first place then why was a second New Deal put into place? It looked to most Americans that Roosevelt was the hero who was guiding them out of trouble, but Roosevelt had great opposition, most of all in the form of the Supreme Court who did not agree with the New Deal. ...read more.


He employed poor black people who badly needed the work and the money. Black people were employed on the same terms as whites and he clashed with the Ku Klux Klan. He felt that Roosevelt should be fairer towards the blacks and battle with problems, such as racism. Small farmers did not benefit as largely as large-scale farmers. Small farmers and farm labourers were not helped by the drastic measures introduced by Roosevelt. There was still a great deal of poverty in Rural America. The New Deal was a success. Although it all went wrong again in 1937 the New deal did achieve what it set out to do. It got the United States out of depression, all be it for a short time before the slump of 1937. The New Deal was not a 'complete success,' as there were a few hiccups along the way. To go back to the ship analogy, Roosevelt steered the ship out of trouble and back to port without hitting too many ice burgs and stayed out of serious trouble. However, once the ship was safely back to port all the good work was undone when the ship sinks, this reflects the 1937 recession. James FAIRBOURN History Coursework 10/12/2002 The New Deal ...read more.

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