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'The New Deal was not a complete success.' Explain how far you agree with this statement.

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(c) 'The New Deal was not a complete success.' Explain how far you agree with this statement. The New Deal was a programme set up to help America recover from its problems. To find out if it was not a complete success 1 must evaluate the failures and the successes. The New Deal was set up to help America recover, which it did. The depression stopped getting worse and things started to get better. The New Deal set up work programmes such as the Workers Progress Administration (WPA); these agencies provided work to thousands of people. It allowed people to have self-confidence and respect. The agencies helped the workers to provide their families with food and shelter, if the New Deal were not created many would have lost their homes due to rent payments. These agencies built important and worthwhile building that were useful to a wide range of people. These include hospitals, schools, playgrounds, and roads. ...read more.


Some laws that were introduced and are still working today are old pensions and sick pay. The fact that they are still currently used proves that it is a system that was very efficient and worthwhile. It was thought by many that the New Deal 'saved' democracy. On the other hand the New Deal experienced many failures through its life. The New Deal did not help everyone; blacks and farmers (who loaned their land) were not helped as if they were not important in the scheme of things. White people were offered jobs but blacks were not offered enough, some of the lucky ones were able to get involved with the unemployment schemes but many did not. Farmers who owned their own land were offered money to not grow produce and advised on how to make their farms better but farmers who loaned their land did not get a chance to receive any information. ...read more.


to start to dislike him. This was a failure because he was failing to accommodate all the needs of his people. Roosevelt was not very successful at controlling the New Deal; he was changing the laws constantly showing no stability to the American public. He had too much control over them, he believed that he could do what he likes and when he likes. This attitude encouraged the opponents of Roosevelt to speak out, causing many people to reconsider their views. The growth of the opponents caused the New Deal to be rejected by Congress and by society. Their confidence in the New Deal was gone. In conclusion I fully agree with the statement 'the New Deal was not a complete success' because as 1 have proved, there were many successes and failures that caused the New Deal to not work to its full advantage. 1 believe that to rid America of the problems it faced would be a huge task that no one at the time could have managed. Whatever Roosevelt did there was always someone that thought he was doing wrong, he could never win. ...read more.

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