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"The New Deal was not a complete success". I believe this statement is a true statement to describe the New Deal because it wasn't a complete success. In fact it was a success although it was not a complete success

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The New Deal Course Work 3. "The New Deal was not a complete success". Explain how fair you agree with this statement. "The New Deal was not a complete success". I believe this statement is a true statement to describe the New Deal because it wasn't a complete success. In fact it was a success although it was not a complete success. Not everything was changed in America that's the New Deal said it would but something's were. This is why you can not call the New Deal a complete success. The New Deal was a success in several ways. Firstly, Roosevelt restored confidence of the American people in their government, because it helped them out by introducing different government schemes. This demonstrated to the American people that their new government was willing to do something and help them out; therefore they believed in their government. Whereas Hoover was called a 'do nothing president' the American people lost a lot of faith. ...read more.


This worked well and helped the poor and homeless to get back on their feet. Another agency Roosevelt introduced was PWA; this was an act to build schools, roads, dams, bridges and airports. This help America re-establish their economy, making it an improved nation. In this respect, Roosevelt, helped America find their feet and it was a step in the right direction of getting America out of the depression. Another success of the New Deal was that it saved the banks from going bankrupt again. Roosevelt introduced the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC was rules in the stock market to stop reckless speculation; this would stop the Wall Street crash from occurring again. Also to assure the American people the banks were safe, Roosevelt established the Emergency Banking Act (EBA). He would close all the banks in America until officials checked the banks and then they could re-open if everything was acceptable. ...read more.


Just like it once was. This was another failure for Roosevelt and the New deal seemed to be a waste of government's money as well. They wasted masses of money on most of these schemes that's actually didn't do a lot. For example all this government money trying to build better public services and create more jobs wouldn't last long enough. This meant that America would then face problems in the future and history would repeat it's self. Overall, I think the New Deal was a success. This is why I could with the statement "The New Deal was not a complete success" because Roosevelt helped solve some of the dilemmas after the depression, but didn't completely solve them. Therefore the New Deal wasn't a complete success. Also I feel Roosevelt faced some harsh criticism from the public, they said the New Deal wasn't doing enough and their expectations of the New Deal were too high. They expected it to solve every problem America faced with. Nevertheless Roosevelt did do a great job and I felt that was unfair criticism. ...read more.

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