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'The Outsiders'.

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Coursework Original Writing 'The Outsiders' "What is the current situation on Deltar Island" "Sir we got a anonymous tip saying the DON soldiers are experimenting on humans with a powerful radioactive, what it does is, it transforms the human into some sort of super mutant soldier, we also believe that Hotwire has been taken prisoner their after infiltrating DON headquarters" "Get Crash and inform him of the current situation" "Yes Sir" The tall burly man aged 28 exited the room and swiftly strode towards his ebony desk which lay in the far corner of his office, picked up his GDI transmitter and then pushed the small red button at the top. "State the name and designation of the GDI officer you wish to make contact with" "Captain Crash" "S-s-s sir" stuttered the assistant manager of the hotel "S-sorry but I h-have to ask you to leave" "And what's a little scrawny punk like you gonna do" replied Crash coolly "I-I'll c-call the p-p-police if you...." "Beep beep beep beep" "I wonder who the hell that is" The tall, sturdy, black-haired man, dressed in all black seemed to create an almost mysterious aura, but what was most remarkable about this man was the glint in his eye like he had seen the world and nothing was new to him. ...read more.


lights all down the corridor, when his eyes had adjusted to the light he saw a mass of statues holding what appeared to be extremely bright lit torches but they were too bright to be lit by fire. He then walked up to one of the statues and put his hand over the torch but he didn't feel his hand burning, intrigued by this sensation he turned his head back to the man and spoke "They're not real torches are they" "No they are merely EMH (Electro Magnetic Hologram) projections of torches" he attentively replied but looked like he would rather spend all day explaining about this "I see, well lead the way," prompted Crash looking like he would rather not get on the subject of EMH projections. At the very end of the corridor stood a huge door both of them walked up the steps and stood in front of the huge, metal door. He knocked three times on the front door. The door swung open immediately. A tall black-haired man stood there in an emerald-green sweater with the words 'GENERAL ALEX GRAY' engraved on his shiny silver badge attached to his sweater. "Hello Alex, nice to see you again" said Crash "The same to you Crash but we have more important matters at hand" replied Alex. ...read more.


The two DON soldiers ran towards the beach. As they drew closer they could vaguely see someone in a ripped brown shirt and black trousers. "Must have been ship wrecked" said Nyras "Yeah, but what do we do with him? We can't take him back to the base" said Rick perplexed "I say lets take him to the village inn they'll take care of him" said Nylas thoughtfully "Yeah, but better make it quick second patrol should be arriving in 8 minutes" "Okay lets get going" replied Nyras. Both men lifted Crash from the sandy beach. They walked for 10 minutes without saying a word to each other; the sandy beach was far behind them. They were now treading on a dirt path that lead them to a very old inn. By the looks of it, it seemed to house no inhabitants, they both heaved him up the stairs to the large old wooden door and then let go of him. "They'll find him here" said Nyras "Of course and they will look after him too, we better get going before we are questioned why we are here" Both men quickly darted to where they had come from not once looking back. "Do you think he is okay, he looks ship wrecked" said a soft soothing voice................................................................................................. Shamal Fredrik Johnson 08/01/03 ...read more.

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