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The Police Were Not To Blame for Not Capturing Jack The Ripper

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'The Police were to blame for not capturing Jack the Ripper' - Use the Sources and your own knowledge to explain whether you agree with this view I believe that the failure to catch Jack the Ripper was not just down to the Police, but a lot of other factors also came into the investigation; for example the lack of co-operation from the public, or lack of resources at the time. However, complacency by the Police forces (both Metropolitan and City) had lead to many errors being made. Firstly, many detectives were lazy, corrupt or racist; properties that collectively don't make an effective Police force. ...read more.


The Police did use the help they got; they did examine the Coroner's report; Source B and Source C show this. They acted on it by looking for any in the area with 'anatomical knowledge'. However, acting so quickly on the advice of the Coroner may have made the Police act irrational, and waste a lot of time following useless leads. The same can be said from the Doctor's report (previously mentioned as Source C), from which the same conclusions can be made. Despite ever thinning ground, the Police even chose to ignore the evidence of Elizabeth Long (Source D) due to the fact that it was very vague. ...read more.


This shows their increasing frustration in trying to catch the criminal. At one point, the Police even dressed up as female prostitutes, attached rubber soles to their feet to quieten footfalls and searched houses in the Whitechapel district. This proves how hard the Police had tried. However, despite their growing irritation at their inability to apprehend the Ripper, the Police force still declined giving an offer to the Mile End Vigilance Committee. This was largely a good idea as the offer of money may have made people give false information. Therefore, I personally believe that the Police were not to blame for not capturing Jack the Ripper, as they had little access to sophisticated methods of law enforcement. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dominic Peppiatt 10 Tvu 580 (including Source Letters) ...read more.

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